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هوت سبوت عربى
هوت سبوت عربى

هوت سبوت

تنزيل هوت سبوت عربى

برنامج هوت سبوت عربى

برنامج هوت سبوت

Hot Spot Arab is the refuge of many netizens and the International Network for the protection of privacy and open blocked sites, especially in the countries of the withholding information about its citizens and can also use the program Hotspot Hotspot Arabic to enter the sites limited only to states establishing a site like Hulu U.S. and is one of the largest video sites around the world and including the program Hotspot Shield is a program overseas and product through a company AnchorFree known it is difficult for some users to use, especially because it is the language of curious about them, such as English, but the company has allowed other languages ​​from Arabic after increasing the number of users of the program Hotspot way draw attention in the Arab countries and issued a program Hotspot Shield Arabic because the number of users exceeded one million people Arab and may understand user Arab basics of using the internet it can now download Hotspot Arab to maintain the level of security has, and also saves his privacy and prevent outsiders from followed For this offer a detailed explanation for the Arabization program Hotspot Shield Arabic and make it follow the explanation in detail
Hot Spot Arab
Hot Spot Arab
Steps Download Hotspot Arab explain Pictures
Hot Spot Arab
Hot Spot Arab

Before anything, do download Hotspot Shield from here
After downloading click on the program icon Hot Spot twice and allow Windows to install the program if you You're الادمن on Windows 7 and 8
You will find this picture after pressing the Hot Spot icon to choose from Arabic
Then you can proceed to complete the installation in Arabic and use Hotspot Arab as you like

Technical information on the program Hotspot Shield Arab

Publisher: anchorfree
License: Free
Size: 5.4 MB
Version: 2.91 for 2013
Language supported: depending on the user's choice

Click here to download Hotspot Arabic free from the official site

download Hotspot Arabic

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