We all suffer from memory lapse now and again, usually forgetting an important date, occasion or holiday. To help us remember all the important dates we buy ourselves calendars at the start of each New Year to help us remember. Every year the same calendars appear in the shops, same styles and same sizes, which after a while become boring.

Thanks to digital cameras and digital technology, online websites such as Bonusprint are providing facilities to create personalised photo calendar s. Photo calendars are great to showcase some of your favourite photos and also make fantastic gifts. Make your own calendar and personalise it with your very own special digital photos. Personalised calendars are unique as you can customise them using the wide range of available online templates and layouts. Simply upload the photos you wish to add using the easy online software, create your calendar then click to order. Within a few days your monthly calendar will land on your doorstep with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

When it comes to designing calendars the best and most fun part is choosing which photos you want to include. Bonusprint photo calendars have a wide selection of layouts and designs to choose from including year calendar portrait, birthday calendar, mosaic calendar, flip poster and photo calendar XL. Whichever design you choose you can customise it with your own digital photos and custom text. Each calendar is 13 pages including the front cover, giving you plenty of pages to play with. You can choose from portrait or landscape style for your calendar. Whichever style you choose your digital photos will look great on each page. No loss of quality will be visible on your images and they will look crystal sharp.

Looking for a gift for a family member then why not make your own calendar. Personalised calendars that include family portraits are ideal to gift. Add a family group picture to the cover and then choose other family photos to include in the calendar on each page. Choose relevant pictures and add personal captions that narrate the story of each of the photos you have included.

If you want to create a personalised photo calendar for a friend, then a fantastic choice would be a monthly calendar displaying special holiday memories. When we go on holiday we become trigger happy and take lots of photos.

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