Along with the development trend of technology, Digital Marketing has become more popular in the business activities of enterprises. So what is Digital Marketing in Digital Marketing Agency? Please refer to the article below to get the best insight into your Digital Marketing activities in your business.

1. General information about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or brands using electronic equipment or internet. Companies use Digital Marketing as social media to connect existing customers and potential customers.

The nature of Digital Marketing is, marketing on a digital platform, so you need to understand that digital is not just on every Internet. Enterprises carry out activities to promote products and services, brands often use online environment such as website, Email, social networking sites, etc. or use electronic devices such as TV, radio, telephone, etc.

2. Digital advertising’s tool of Digital Marketing

According to Digital Marketing agency, Digital Marketing advertising tools are classified according to their intended use as follows
- Tools to increase brand awareness of businesses: PR Online, Blog & Forum
- Group of tools to help increase persuasion with products, brands: Social Media, Online PR, SEO
- Group of tools to improve customer care and increase sales: Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO

Let's find out details about each advertising tool in Digital Marketing

- Online PR

In digital marketing services, online PR is a marketing method similar to traditional PR; its difference is that it is placed in an online environment. It is marketed through digital publications, blogs, in a good article in a conversation at an event that helps your company's brand, products, and services become known.

- Blog& Forum

You can create blog posts or popular forums with links or articles about a brand, product, or service of the business then advertise it on these blogs and Forum. These useful articles or links can be paid or unpaid depending on the blog or forum you choose.

- Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an effective advertising method that is commonly used in business activities of businesses today. This is an advertising method of the Google network to help enterprises to quickly access potential customers through keywords that users search on the search toolbar. If you choose the form of Google Adwords advertising businesses, it will have to pay on each click of the user to link the website link of the business.

- Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing

Digital marketing agency conducts creating Email or Mobile campaigns to send to existing or potential customers of the company with information about the brand, products and services of the company in accordance with each subject. These two forms are similarly similar but the method of sending promotional information about new products or related information is transmitted directly via the customer's Email address for Email Marketing and sent via news.

- Social Media

Social Media is a marketing method of using social network channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. to promote brands, products and services of businesses. This is an extremely effective method of increasing the level of brand awareness, driving traffic and increasing potential customers for your business.

- Search engine optimization – SEO

Similar to Google Adwords, SEO helps your business website appear on the top of the search results page of Google and help your business quickly reach customers. However, SEO doesn't need to pay for clicks and increase your website traffic naturally. To make effective SEO, the most important thing you need to do is optimize the elements in your website. You can refer to the sharing of SEO experts in the Province through an SEO training course - Simple SEO on Top. Through the course, you will better understand the optimal factors in SEO such as Web Management, Web design, On page SEO, Offpage, How to write articles, Web optimization through which you can administer everything to make SEO up Top effective.

Hope that after the post, surely you have the most overview of Digital Marketing in particular and advertising tools in Digital Marketing in general. And the information will help you choose the most appropriate and accurate advertising tools for your Digital Marketing Agency.

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