Water features in the outdoor can be very beautiful when theyhave light rippling waters that are soothing. There are a variety of water features available and they can be used to decorate almost any home. The water feature can be installed with the help of a professional but the major concern is its maintenance. The tips mentioned here will help in the installation process.

If the objective isinstalling some water features in Nedlands,one has to identify the location first and then the shape and size. Some of the basic water features include:

  • Waterfall and Streams

By digging the ground one can create streams. However, they canalso be built with a stone base above the ground. On the other hand, the waterfalls can be made on a slope where the stream will flow. To achieve these stepswill need to be dug that that will be at least two to four-inch high.It is best to create small waterfalls as massive ones create a lot of noise.

  • Fountains 

These can be part of a different waterbody or can be an individualone. These can be made with metal, concrete,etc.and can be hung on a wall, or they can be multi-tiered.They can also be incorporatedinto a statue.

  • Ponds

Ponds can be built above or on the ground. One can take the help of ponds that are in the ground to make it look more natural. However, those that areabove the ground are easier to build and are safer for children.

Let us now take a look into the actual ways of the installation.

  • Identifying the Location

The location must be carefully selected while installing the water features in Perth. The place, if it’s a garden, should have plenty of sunlight as the natural light assists in the growth of aquatic plants. 

For best results place the water feature away from the treesor a lot of time will have to be invested in cleaning the leaves out of the water. 

  • The Water Should Be Moving

In a feature,water should be circulating at all times with a waterfall, fountain,or pumpotherwise there is a possibility of mosquito larvae hatching. Moreover, some small animalscan enter the water since they are more attracted to it. Water circulation also increases aeration for fish. So, one has to make sure that the feature has access to a power source where a pump can be used. In features like streams pumping in the lower basin is required to push the water back to the top.

  • Removing Algae with Brush

Algae must be removed with a brush. One needs to regulate light and nutrients to destroy algae.Also, using additives such as barley can kill algae.

  • Checking Equipment

The equipment such as filters and pumps should work properly and be free of clogs to keep the features running smoothly.

  • Testing the Water

The water should be tested weekly if there is fish. Keeping the water free of ammonia and chlorine will keep the fish healthy.

There are other maintenance options too that need to be followed after installing water features in Nedlands. To learn more about them it is essential to contact professionals.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides water features in Perth and Nedlandsand provides suggestions on installing and maintaining the features on their website.