How many of you have gotten sick when your doctor's office was closed? Do you not agree that many times our bodies need attention either late at night, on the weekend, or during a vacation—all times when your doctor may be off-call? When a doctor is not easily available, is there an effective and easy way to ease your pain? Could it be that using the energy within you is helpful for spiritual healing? Might a holistic approach be beneficial to clear pain and suffering?

Although I do not advocate ignoring the expertise and advice of a medical physician, I have found that working a holistic approach can enhance the benefits of a medical doctor. It has been my observation that for minor, non life-threatening afflictions, I have been able to reduce my pain significantly by adding a holistic method to clear pain and suffering. Using energy for spiritual healing can indeed be very beneficial.

Whenever I have pain in my body, I immediately go into meditation, listening to any messages from my spirit. Sometimes my spirit instructs me to call the doctor immediately, regardless of the hour of the day or night. However, other times I realize that I have the ability to improve my pain level and amount of suffering all by myself.

How, you might ask, do I accomplish this task? I use a simple process of flooding my body with light. Yes, I visualize a beam of light entering my body. As I do so, I direct the light towards the part of my body that is giving me pain. I picture the pain leaving my body and the cells repairing themselves. This simple process has been effective in alleviating my pain.

I invite you to work this same process the next time you are having pain—use the energy within for your spiritual healing. After all, light is energy—the same energy of God and the universe, invisible in the physical realm, but available to all. A holistic approach to clear pain and suffering can be very effective. It is easy and it does not cost you money—only a small investment of time. Sometimes the easiest methods can prove the most beneficial. Why not allow the spirit of God to work His magic within you.

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