All things exist only in relationship to other things. If only one thing existed then, there would be no way to compare or reference it to, anything else. It would be invisible, because it would be all there was. So we seek to gain a perspective, or: "a specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events, esp. one that shows them in their true relations to one another." We do this in order to view of things in their true relationships to each other. Accordingly, we gain a perspective to see not what we would like to see, not what we wish to see, but to see things as they are.

What then, does gaining a perspective have to do with success? Everything! Because to see things as they are, is to be at a solid place of reference, and the more solid that place is, the easier it will be to use it as the launching pad for your success. Launching pads need to be on solid foundations, or whatever you launch off that pad isn't going to go anywhere. For instance, if we use the "fake it till you make it" way of wealth, we would tell ourselves that we are rich, when we are not. That's not a particularly solid perspective. Not when it is far better to simply say, "Hey, I'm not rich right now" than to say you are something that you are not. Because if we train ourselves to lie right from the beginning, what will happen is we will eventually get to the point of doing other, possibly even more self-destructive things, such as convincing ourselves that what we are doing is making us happy, when often that's not the case. And we have all had too many trials of trying to dig ourselves out from under some lie we have told ourselves about ourselves, so much so that we do not need any more of that energy wasting, off-in-alignment-to-our-success method anymore.

What we do need is perspective. Or a comparison of the elements of our lives in a way that has all the energy we are devoting to the maintenance of whatever we don't want there, be shifted over to what we do want there. For instance, since it's an easy example to point to and count up the numbers of, how about being rich? If we look into our lives and see that we are not currently rich, what does that mean? It means that, we are not currently rich. Period. End of story. Nothing more. That's it. I mean it! What not being rich means, (or not being anything else for that matter; happy, in relationship, skilled at a particular thing) is exactly that, and nothing more: in this case it means that we are not, in this moment, rich. Can we then plan to be rich, if we are not currently rich? Of course, and it works! After all, what else would we do? We're humans, full of wants and desires. And if we desire to take off from a solid launching pad, the truth always works the best for that. Lies are flimsy things, not solid at all. The truth is solid, clean, stable, and always right.

By way of example, through the use of affirmations, I often hear people say "I am rich" when they are so obviously not rich, not in the way they are saying they are anyway. Their lives may in fact be rich, rich in love, or relationship, or talent, but they're saying with their affirmations that they have a lot of money, when in truth, they do not. It would be far more effective for them to say "I am getting richer and richer all the time, in every moment." Then, even if they pick up a penny on the ground, their words of affirmation will be solid. Because what part of a million dollars is that penny not? In this way of living out accurate perspectives, every affirmation for every use you can think of, can be modified to reflect this perspective of the truth. In this tell the truth now, tell the truth later method, we give ourselves the most solid foundation possible to launch our new desires and their continuing success, from.

There is also a secondary element of perspective and its relationship to success that is useful to look at, and that is, even when we are successful, do we feel that way about ourselves all the time? No, definitely not. What we do as humans, is to feel successful when we do, and not successful when we don't. Does anyone ever feel happy all the time either? Not one person I have ever met, and I have met a few. In this success perspective, what we do is give ourselves a break. Just like getting rich, getting happy, isn't about achieving that state on a continual basis, in every moment. When we do try and attempt to hold onto our happiness in that way, what happens? It disappears. It disappears, because through our obsessive focus upon it, it appears to us in that moment, to be all that there is. Then without a perspective our happiness just disappears! Wow! So letting go of it so that we can gain a perspective, works to bring more of the experience of happiness into our lives? You bet it does! And perspective works to invite in our riches too. Because once we let go of all that we are not, rich, then all of a sudden what seems to happen is that we then allow ourselves to experience the riches that we do have. Experiencing the riches that we do have leads to an appreciation of them, and as we've been told a million times now, appreciation is the one state of being that causes us to attract more of what we're appreciating, right to us. And those riches? They could come in any form possible, in any form we say we desire them to come in.

The beauty of this tell the truth method is that if our riches have not yet manifested in the form of money yet, we can simply say that. No more make believe. No more devoting our energy in trying to hold up the façade of a lie. And it's having that not manifested yet perspective, which then allows us to contrast what is to come, with what now exists, in a way that actually allows us to have our new wealth. Where wealth in the online seminar I offer is defined as "an increase in any area of your life that is important to you." We don't even have to create our money, the mint has already printed it up. We don't necessarily have to work hard for our money either, most likely we've already tried that method too. All we have to do is tell the truth about ourselves and our relationship to money, and with that new perspective for success, have the road to our money be paved with the most efficient means possible for it to arrive smoothly on our doorstep.

Now you may be thinking, "What is he saying? That I don't have to take any actions in order to actually, in reality, real time and space, be rich?" That doesn't make any sense! You would be right! To take no action, doesn't make any sense, and won't make you any money. Or get you the relationship you desire, or the career, or the family life you want. But to take the right actions, especially when those actions are internal, does make sense. A lot more sense than using your energy in the direction of doing what won't get you what you want. The action, or perspective for success, I am talking about here, is to work on your internal state of being, more of the time than anything else, and more importantly, to work on it first of all, as the first action toward your success, and before you take any other actions.

Think of it in this way. If you have the belief that "Nothing ever works out for me" in relationship to dating, and then you plan and work hard to go to that dating event to find the "right one" what do you think will happen? What will happen, and I can guarantee this, is that you won't find anyone right at all. Because your internal launching platform is so weak, when you do take actions, they will not get you any further toward accomplishing your goal. Instead, you might just start by asking yourself what the truth is, which would be to ask yourself "What does it mean that dating hasn't worked out for me yet?" And then answer yourself with the truth, "What that means is that dating hasn't worked out for me yet," and that's it. Current reality does not mean that nothing will work out for you now, or that nothing will work out for you in the future. What current reality does mean is that nothing has worked out for you yet. To say that because something, anything, has been one way, that that fact then precludes the possibility of anything new happening either now, or in the future, is a lie. And to launch your odyssey toward success in any area of your life whatsoever off the platform of a lie, is like trying to push a battleship away from a dock made out of noodles soaked in water for three years. You can take all the action in the world, but that ship still isn't going to move.

So what's the perspective for success that we need in order to actually be successful, and in any area of our lives that we desire to be successful within? It's the tell the truth now, tell the truth later, perspective, directly from The One Penny Millionaire!™ It's the one that through the foundation of the truth, has every detail of our lives be exactly as it is, with no value and no meaning added to a single one of those elements whatsoever. Not rich? Great! You are currently not rich. Mean something? It certainly does. It means that you are, in this moment, currently not rich. Not in relationship? Great too! What does that mean? It means that currently, right now, you are not in relationship. Do any of our current facts have anything to do with the next moments we are to live? Nope. Not ever. Because this is a Universe where the only constant is change, to believe that what was, will determine what will be, is counterintuitive to all that is. That would be to have the perspective that everything always stays the same, and that invisibility perspective is no perspective for success.

Given that we do live in a Universe of constant change, how about changing your perspective into one of success? And since nothing ever stays the same, how about letting go of that perspective once in a while, so that you can then have it show up again, and always in a new, deeper, and more profound way? And again, and again, and again. Because just like happiness, or feeling this way or that way, our feelings will never be always the same all the time. If we just relax, and flow into that truth, mostly by telling the truth about it as we are now doing, then what happens? All of a sudden, by taking this internal step of letting go, and of stopping our meaning making addition to the events within our lives, success can have some breathing room to show up in ways unimagined! Now that's real success! And it will also show up in all the ways that we say we desire to be successful. This is a perspective for success that works to have us write that great permission slip inside of ourselves in a bigger way than we have ever written it before. And all this happens over time, from gaining a new perspective, a perspective of success.

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ an online seminar series designed for your success!

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