Does your organization have toll free number? No? Don’t worry, you can have vanity number and its not must to take toll free number for taking a vanity number. Vanity number gives you unique identity which pushes the expansion through marketing. Vanity number creates a heavy image of your organization in customer mind.
How?? And Why Vanity numbers are an outstanding marketing tools??
Vanity number has ample numbers of benefits which creates an essential advertising part of your business.
Many business organizations are making their unique identity with the help of Vanity Number which is easy to remember for the customer.
Below are some good examples of vanity number.
Any pharmacy and hospital can use this vanity number
It will be easy for the patient or patient’s family to remember the number. Through this 1800 number any services can be availed like calling ambulance, patient information sharing, medical assistance, booking doctor appointment, booking medical test appointment and many more. A medical institute can be successful with this kind of number because of its easy to remember number.
Others examples are given below,
A flower retailer can also use this kind of number. Flowers are required in every kind of occasions like birthday to weeding and weeding to funereal. It will be easy for the customer to contact with the flower seller for any kind of occasion and at any point of time. The market area of the flower retailer will become increase with this kind of number.
Its never late to opt for such number. In India lots of service providers are offering Vanity Number for your business. Most of the customer are facing difficulty to remember the contact number of their service provider. But when you give them a catchy and fancy and easy to remember contact number then it will be difficult for your customers to lose it. This type of numbers are easily stick to your customer’s mind as soon as they see them.

Vanity number poses lots of benefits which a business organization should know.
It builds your brand as well as you get easily recognized among people
It can be seen that customer easily remember the business’s website address because its unique and easy to remember. Same as, Vanity Number also adds immense credibility to your business image. It is obvious that your business will be successful when people can recall and remember your brand or identity.
In India Microtalk provides various fancy Vanity Number which builts you unique identity and brand Image as well. Those numbers are going to be easily recognizable among your customers.
Increase your business’s reachability and widen up your market presence.
A unique vanity number can reach you to anybody irrespective of its location and increase your service reachability.
Now a days business’s reachability is very important to survive in this highly competitive market. Your unique vanity number gives you a image where your customers can believe that your service is widely accessible and are popular.
Customizable Call Routing according to your specific business need.
If you are planning to open up your business 24/7 or want to enter in a nearby country then you can set up specific call routing norms which will help you automatically route the inbound calls based you’re your favorable time of day, channel, agent’s location and skill set.
Your customers don’t need to remember multiple number for your multiple store.
It increases your customer engagement rate with your business.
Always keep those benefits to your mind. Your customers are not far from you. You need to catch them by crating your own unique professional image which results increase in sales number.
Author: Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd.

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Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd. Microtalk communication is a tier 1 ISP in India. Microtalk is also a DOT licensed approved telecom service provider in India that manages an average of 40 million calls in a month.