Most of the people suffer from the allergic reaction to some food but usually it is not of severe nature but in some people it may be frightening and he or she may suffer from life threatening condition. Usually allergic symptoms occur in our body within few minutes after the intake of that particular food or a person may suffer fro allergic symptoms even after one or two hour.
In most of the people who suffer from hay fever, even fresh vegetables and fresh fruits may show some allergic symptoms. People may suffer from kiwi fruit allergy symptoms, apple allergy symptoms and many others.
Usually Kiwi Allergy Symptoms results into a condition which is known as Oral Allergy Symptoms. There are various types of Kiwi fruit Allergy Symptoms in addition to these symptoms which includes swelling of tongue, lips, mouth and throat. Some of its important symptoms are:

Respiratory Problems: A person allergic to kiwi may suffer from the respiratory problems like nasal congestion, whistling sound during breathing, wheezing and also shortness of breath.

Skin Problems: kiwi allergic person may suffer from the problems associated with the skin. Kiwi allergic person shows various allergic symptoms on their skin like hives, rashes, eczema, itching etc. usually eczema is spotted out by itchy, red and swollen skin.

Nervous System Problems: some people may also suffer from central nervous system problem due to Kiwi Allergy. Some of these Kiwi fruit Allergy Symptoms are dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting. Some of these symptoms may lead to anaphylaxis which may lead to life threatening condition.

Abdominal problem: kiwi allergic person may also suffer from the abdominal problem. Kiwi allergic person may suffer from the symptoms like vomiting, nausea, pain and diarrhea etc.

Like this most of the people also suffer from apple allergy symptoms. Some of the important apple allergy symptoms are:

• Breathing Trouble: apple allergic person may suffer from tissue inflammation. In some cases this swelling may be mild but in some cases it may be severe. Due to this inflammation a person may suffer from difficulties in breathing, swallowing etc. allergic person may also suffer from the problem of shortness of breath, congestion, runny nose etc.
• Skin Problem: apple allergic person may suffer from patchy, redness or flaky skin.
• Digestion Problems: apple allergic person may suffer from various disorders which includes vomiting, diarrhea, pain etc.

In certain cases, some person may suffer from an emergency and life threatening condition known as anaphylaxis.

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