Few days ago, my friend called me and she was really upset  because of her father’s health issues. Her father was suffering from hypertension and even after visiting the doctor, he didn’t feel any improvement. Then he got to know about Vastu from Facebook. Following the advice and remedies given by the Maha Vastu Expert, he started recovering very quickly, which was nearly unbelievable.

My friend told me that Maha Vastu Expert has proved to be very helpful in reducing and even eliminating Vastu defects of the house without any sabotage. The Maha Vastu Expert advised him to make some minute, but important changes in his living room and bedroom, which improved his father's temperament very quickly.

Hearing this from my friend, a lot of curiosity arose in my mind about Maha Vastu like how Vastu does work, how does it help to reduce our problems? After lensing the it, I discovered the significance of Maha Vastu in prominent areas of life like health, wealth and finance.

Both positive and negative energy exist around us with their respective effects. The negative energy around us can affect our health, and can even become the cause of the stress pressures, anxieties and hypertension. And all of these outside elements can easily be dealt with if your house is in sync with the universal energy system. A house that is made according to the Vastu Shastra rules is invulnerable to any cynicism, and it guarantees that the family that lives in it is constantly composed and settled, since the burdens that they face in their regular day to day existence get discredited by the energy of their living space.

Anxiety is caused if the tenants of the house begin dozing in the Vastu zone of agitating - East-South-East (ESE). Another reason for nervousness is rehearsing yoga or offering supplications in this zone.

Tips for hypertension

Keep the North East of every room and house clean.
Bedrooms should have no mirrors (cover them at night if there).
Sleeping with head towards South is best, East is good and West is average.
Bed must have a head rest and should not touch the wall.
Place water element like a bowl of water or aquarium in the North east for positivity.
Place the fire elements like candles lights in the Southeast for wellbeing and prosperity

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MahaVastu welcomes people from all walks of life to unlock their unlimited potential with application of Vastu Shastra through MahaVastu Advice. Scientific and contemporary research on Vastu Shastra and Sankhya Darshan done by Vastu expert Neeraj Jain