Vesna Vrankovic is an International model, healthy lifestyle advocate, and entrepreneur from Dubai who has accomplished many of her career goals ever since she entered the professional sector during her early teenage years.

She initially started her modeling career at the young age of 15 and worked in many different places such as Australia, New York, Milan, LA, London, etc. Throughout her 25 year career in modeling, she has been featured in many notable magazines, traveled to the most elites cities worldwide, and has walked runways on par with famous fashion figures such as Galliano, Valentino, Amato, and Philip Plein.

After she gave birth to her first son, her interests started to grow towards health care and achieving a healthier lifestyle. Her strong passion for a better approach to living eventually led to the creation of "Tribeca Kitchen and Bar," which has won many awards for its naturally sourced ingredient-based menus.

Vrankovic further built upon her passion and co-founded 'Our Hempco', which is a company that focuses on growing a wide range of organic hemp, which in turn is produced into high-quality CBD oil.

Our Hempco has been providing various lifestyle and beauty products that help their audience achieve a better and healthier lifestyle at all times. And what's even more interesting is that their CBD oil range can also be used on pets.

Vrankovic made sure that pets were also provided with a healthy life and better quality care. So if you are a curious client who wants to provide their pet with high-quality treatment, here a few interesting impacts, you should know about CBD oil use on pets.

It is not Psychoactive

Most people tend to assume that using CBD oil on animals will make them high. The reason is that the compound in CBD is found in cannabis, which is also rich in another compound, 'THC,' containing psychoactive properties.

In reality, however, if you use CBD oils on dogs or cats, they will witness the effects specifically of the cannabidiol compound rather than the THC. Hence, this will make your pet more relaxed without intoxication being involved as an aftereffect.

Reduces Anxiety

Many pets tend to suffer from behavioral anxieties, which are experienced by past traumatic events that have been deeply ingrained into their routine.

This can make it hard for pet owners to leave their house even for just a bit because it will cause their pet to go into a panic attack and possibly suffer from severe mental illnesses. This is where CBD oil works its magic. Using the oil on your pet can release the relaxing compounds from the product and help your pet calm down during stressful situations.

Counters Infections and Diseases

Wild and pet animals are always exposed to harmful bacteria on a daily basis- and sometimes, their immune system is not strong enough to resist the harmful effects of these microorganisms.

According to senior research officer Mark Blaskovich at the Centre for Superb Solutions, Australia, he has stated that CBD has been tested against a diverse range of bacteria and has been known to effectively destroy any bacteria it comes into contact with. Consequently, using CBD oil on your pets is the ideal way to ensure that they are kept safe from harm when you are not there to supervise their every move.

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