Your "internal map of reality" has produced a "life script" that is creating your experience of life. And I think it safe to say that it's not always what you want. Yes?

Now, your "internal map of reality" and "life script" are about 2 things; seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Anything that is perceived by your "map" or "script" as a threat to either your pursuit of pleasure or avoidance of pain is going to result in resistance. It our tendency toward mental/emotional homeostasis. In other words it is natural to resist change. Even though you recognize that there are some ways of thinking, that you have habituated, that are not serving you. There is that part of you that wants to keep things the way they have always been.

This stuff is wired into your neuro-net and what we are talking about is rerouting into a new configuration; a new, more resourceful neuro-net that allows you to create a new life.

Our old way of thinking, in trying to protect us from a perceived, potential threat, draws our focus/attention, to avoiding that threat. Please understand, your mind creates or attracts more of whatever you focus on, placing your attention on what you want to avoid is not resourceful. Instead, it causes you to create or attract more of it. We even see this in the Bible.

Job 3:25 (MSG) The worst of my fears has come true, what I've dreaded most has happened.

In all probability, like Job, you didn't realize you are doing this. Your responsibility, if you are serious about transforming you life, is to learn how to recognize when you are focusing on what you don't want, what you are worried about, what you're afraid of, or what you want to avoid. The moment you become aware, shift your focus, consciously and intentionally, to what you do want.

Here is a hurtles you need to clear if you are really serious.

You have got to take complete response-ability for how you experience the world. It is your thinking, your feelings, your speaking and your behavior. No one else's. Who or what is running your mind? Sometimes it is like we are running the wrong program for the results we want. I mean you wouldn't run a spreadsheet program to output a business letter. You would use a word processing program, wouldn't you. This is all about developing the right mental programs to produce the desired outcomes. So this is about learn how to program your mind, which means how to focus your mind. So, observe the auto-pilot. See clearly where it is taking you. If it is not where you want to go, program new coordinate, a new heading. You become the conscious and intentional master of your internal processes... take every thought captive... 2 Corinthians 10:5 (ESV).
This next week seriously observe how you go about creating your world. Start a journal. Be sure to write me and let me know how you are doing and ask any questions that may emerge.

Til next time, Peace...

Author's Bio: 

Charles Eduardos, "The Victory Mind Mapper" is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and an ordained minister with 35 years of experience in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. He is Pastor at Our Savior's Rocky River Lutheran Church, and also serves as Coaching Coordinator for the Northeastern Ohio Synod. He is an experienced Corporate Coach, trainer/facilitator Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who has worked with organizations (profit and non- profit) to support them in identifying and tackling their challenges. Charles is an attentive listener, who gives a different perspective to perceived barriers.