Violence in today’s world has seeped in quite deep within the psyche of males specially the young adults. They are fascinated by the actions shown either on the television or which they experience while playing videos games. According to a recent survey, more than sixty percent of the teenagers are exposed to this mayhem making them more vulnerable to commit grave crimes in their personal life. In today’s scenario, none of the television programmes or games is violence free. Keeping the young minds at bay from such kind of programmes is getting harder day by day for parents as well. Exercising a complete control on what they view at all times is a tedious task which they are unable to fulfill most of the times.

The media entertainment industry has changed far more than imagined. It seems youngsters are crazy fanatics of violence in the age of technology. They prefer action movies rather than other genres like mystery, romance and drama, detective to name a few. Some of the most violent movies of all times are ‘The One’, ‘Matrix Series’, ‘Conan: The Barbarian’ and ‘Terminator Series’. Graphic misrepresentation of females and bloodshed in movies is also a crucial factor which cannot be ignored. Under the influence of such grossness they commit robberies, murders, rash driving and even resort to imitate what they view at their homes. Teenagers start victimizing their siblings or cousins if they don’t get a chance to do so with anyone else after they have seen any such materials.

This hampers their physical, mental and emotional growth; they find it quite difficult to understand other person’s suffering and feelings as well. Exposure to such actions makes them incapable of doing team work and in later life they won’t become better parents as well. Teenagers who act according to what they view end up getting punished either under the code of law or by other strangers too. There are stunt shows which are quite popular these days among youngsters. Some of them try to imitate all those actions in real life without realizing the consequences or aftermaths. Unfortunately, savagery in media entertainment is way too common and all of them have an easy access to it in some form of the other.

Exposure to any kind of violent media always has long lasting effects because it brings an overall change in their personality. The age of learning is marred by such viewing since actions take a center place in their mind. All that they learn or practice in education gets completely washed out within a matter of days rendering them incapable potentially. It is also observed that such children have very less I.Q. and become slow learners as well. Generally speaking they will remember ‘which clothes did Angelina Jolie wear at the Cannes’ Film Festival’ or ‘when is the next Mission Impossible movie releasing’.

Exercising precautions within the right time is the best way to ensure that children are not going in the wrong direction in life. Open communication is very important and discussing the pressing issues is the need of the hour. They should make certain rules and regulations at home in a way that children should not have time for viewing any such material. More of outdoor games should be emphasized rather than sitting in front of their personal computers or televisions. In the end it’s a complex as well as delicate matter which need to be handled while exercising precaution. We sincerely hope that parents’ endeavors may be fruitful for the future of their respective wards.

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