At The Royans Professional Vocal School/The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, we naturally get a large number of inquiries related to voice/vocal problems, issues and disorders.

The majority of people who actually inquire about our services truly believe that the problem with the voice is physical as, in their opinion, something must have gone wrong with their voice and the sound; and now, via speech therapy or a vocal operation, they believe that they will solve all of their voice problems and thus will sound the same as before…or even better.

Unfortunately, only the minority of voice disorder sufferers do realize that conventional speech therapy, or even a vocal operation for that matter, would actually change anything…

Due to the level of their intelligence, they do have the understanding that something went wrong with their vocal mechanics; which, nevertheless, have to be fixed and put back intact and, needless to say, back in balance. Easier said then done, however…

But at least those intelligent individuals are basically on the right track, as they do realize that there is no change without change. And even if vocal surgery is performed, post-surgery care has to be administered.

Let’s take, for example, Adele’s situation:

Her vocal surgery was a state of the art operation, performed by a well-renowned ENT surgeon from Boston, USA.

The renowned doctor performed the removal of a very complicated polyp which actually required a “virtuoso’s” micro surgery -  and yes, after the fact, Adele’s throat and the rest of her vocal anatomy was virtually clean and like new.

You may think, my reader: What else anybody with such complicated vocal disorder, would desire…?

The answer to the above is, nevertheless…, the whole new application of the speaking and singing voice! As without the described-above changes, the same vocal problem, without a doubt, will take place again…

Surely enough, Adele (not so long ago) acquired the next vocal problem. Due to that, she was forced to cancel yet another tour and had to stop singing altogether. If (before the first breakdown of her voice) she would’ve used a proper technique which is actually designed to take the pressure off of the vocal box, off of the vocal cords, her vocal problems would’ve never occurred in the first place.

Also if (after the fact) she would finally acquire a non-invasive approach to voice mechanics, she would not, yet again (a second time around), succumbed to a vocal injury.

The moral of the above statement is:

Take care of your vocal mechanics and prevent the nasty injury of the vocal anatomy which could inflict on your whole voice/vocal career and your life in general.

However, if the above had already happened, remember that by just working on the “Instrument” and not on the “Player”, the cause of the actual vocal problem will not be addressed; and, in that situation, those nasty symptoms associated with the vocal injury will just be minimized.

Figuratively speaking, when a car (God forbid) gets in an accident, it usually does not get towed to a body shop first… Logically, it would be right to assume that the mechanics of the above-mentioned vehicle should be restored first… shouldn’t it? Once that is done, then the next thing to do would be to work on the body of the car and make it nice and shiny once again.

However, the latter will not be able to take you places. Instead, it will be parked in your garage and it will be, at best, just looking pretty… However, all of it is easier said then done.

To restore somebody’s voice mechanics, reacquires very detailed and very intense work. As firstly, the “virus” from one’s “human computer” has to be deleted and a new “software” (in this case, the Vocal Science™ Technique) has to be “installed”.

Now, once the “human computer” is ready to operate, the voice disorder sufferer has to be taught how to extract the “print out” he/she is looking for – first with their mentor’s help, and then on their own. At that time, the mechanical aspect of it should be completely intact.

Now there is a time to work on the artistic side of it:

The “skeleton” has been built… so it is time to “dress it up”!
It will be up to you, my reader, to choose the “fashion” (style) in which your “skeleton” will reside. So the creation of the above will be totally owned by you!

Remember… You cannot “dress up” a ghost!

Author's Bio: 

Ms. Yampolsky is one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science(TM), a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers and speakers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Based in Ontario, Canada, Diana works with a worldwide spectrum of clientele as a Vocal Coach/Consultant, In-Studio Vocal Production Expert and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist.
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