The Pea

One day I found a gift. In my pocket was a package of peas. How special I am to have this gift. This gift was going to bring me great joy. They were going to bring me happiness; they were going to bring me an abundance of food. Each day I spent time with my peas. I imagined a great white light surrounding them. I sent them all the Love I could. I prayed to the Universe that this package of peas would yield me a great number of peas.

But alas, after a long period of time with not the slightest hint of results, I decided to seek some expert advice. I went to a well-known psychic who alleviated all my worry and all my stress. I was told that my peas are healthy and strong and will yield great numbers. I would have all the peas that I desired.

I went to a "medium" that called in a pea- spirit- guide who informed me that a good number of past peas were with this group of peas. The pea in spirit told me that I was on the right path and to treat the peas gently.
I went to a priest who blessed my peas with Holy Water.
I meditated with my peas, visualizing beautiful succulent tasty, firm, ripe, green peas.

I did this ritually, day in and day out. I never gave up.
Yet, one day a great concern and sadness came over me. As I stared at my great gift, I felt as though I had been let down. I openly asked " Why does the Universe not support me in my dream of peas? What is the lesson I must learn? Is this a test? Is God testing me? Does He deny me the joy of the peas because he wants to see me to suffer in order that I may appreciate His beauty? Or do the peas not manifest because I am too material, too demanding of this treasure?" Perhaps, I questioned I didn't really believe in this gift anyway? Perhaps I am not allowed to have peas? Perhaps I need an emotional clearing? Perhaps I should write a letter of forgiveness to a dead relative? Maybe a dream will enlighten me? Maybe if I meditate an answer will come as to why my great gift will not manifest.

Then one day, as I was walking I saw a house with a garden that was filled with peas. While you think that I would be overcome with joy at such a beautiful sight, I was not. I became angry that someone who had a gift like mine was far more successful than me. Somehow, they were better, for they had beautiful peas and I had none. This was just not fair. I am a kind loving person who treats other people with utmost respect and yet somehow this person, who I do not know has a garden of beautiful peas. How angry and hurt I was at realizing that the gift I had, the gift I had dreamed of, my future joy, my future happiness was useless. My gift, my precious gift was of no value.

As I turned to walk away I heard a cheery voice. It was the person who had created this wonderful garden of peas. I pretended not to hear. I didn't want anyone to know that my peas were useless. The voice beckoned me to join them and I must confess the happiness in their voice was irresistible. This person seemed to know of my unhappiness and questioned me as to my current state. After much coaxing I embarrassingly admitted to being a failure. I explained about my great gift and how nothing came of it. I asked what is the great secret of this abundance. To which came a reply. "There is no magic. I just plant the seed."

Armed with this new knowledge I quickly raced home and found a patch of dirt. I was going to plant a pea.
Well, I couldn't plant them all could I? What if it didn't work? Then I would have no peas, ever. My gift would be gone, forever. I gently picked out one pea and I planted it in the ground.

Now all I had to do was wait. Every day for 6 days I went and prayed and poured love and light over my pea. But I couldn't wait. On the seventh day of waiting for the pea to come out of the ground I dug it up to see how far it had grown. It hadn't.

I became angry at the Universe at God at my family and my fellow man for I was sure that with my new found knowledge from the person in the garden that I had the secret to life. Still the Universe saw fit to torture me with scarcity.

Week after week I prayed and meditated and dug up this pea and always with the same result - nothing.
Boy was I glad I did not plant the whole package. I knew I was right.

Angrily, I went back to the bountiful garden and was again met and greeted warmly. I told my story of how I planted this damn pea and how I checked it weekly.
I was told to "plant another pea and to leave it except for offering it nourishment."
I mocked these words. "Just plant the pea and leave it? That's it?. Just leave it?. Yah right" Like I'm a moron.(I thought)
 "I didn't say leave it, I said nourish it." And with that I returned to my garden and nervously planted one more pea, knowing there was now one less pea in my package.
I nourished my pea. Following the Great Pea Growers advice I never checked its progress. One day to my amazement, just barely breaking out of the soil was a pea shoot. Well Hallelujah, I shouted. There is a God and he likes me.I danced. I sang. I was overjoyed.

My Euphoria was short lived. Into my great gifts life had come weeds. They were creeping up on my pea shoot and threatened to choke my treasure. I sent my peas love and light but still the weeds came closer. I had to make a difficult choice. If I wanted my gift to survive, I had to take the responsibility to removing any weeds that got in the way. And I did. I removed all the weeds that came to attack my pea. My pea was growing healthy and strong. The world had never looked so bright.

Finally, after what seemed and eternity my peas, my precious gift, my treasure was ready for me. I took all the peas from the vine and I partook of them. And delicious they were. So succulent, so green, so unique. I felt so abundant. Again, my euphoria did not last long for neither did the peas. I felt lonely and sad for there was a scarcity of peas. Why? I thought to myself. Why would the Universe give me a taste of this treasure only to put me in scarcity again? The Universe was cruel.

I decided that peas were not a true gift. They were OK but they were not a true gift. I needed more. I searched my soul, took some courses and read some books.

One day I found a gift. In my pocket was a package of yellow beans.

Author's Bio: 

Phil Walmsley is the creator of the popular 101 Insight Cards located at Free Weekly newsletter.