Plan A Stress-Free Office Move - EVOM Grants Safety!

Looking for an office move? Starting from scratch is mentally exhausting and an energy-draining process to begin with - why make it harder when you have Evom in your life?

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Whether you’re planning to start a new franchise or want to deliver goods to a nearby location, EVOM - a secure and competent moving company - will be there to assist you.

Market Competitive Rates!

Our moving services are feasible and customer-centric in their approach. The service believes in elevating your moving experience by ensuring a smooth and timely move!

Punctual & Reliable Move

The process is swift and punctual. Unlike other services, place an order at EVOM in a matter of a few seconds. There are only a few steps that you need to complete.

Mobile Move with EMOV!

-Comfortably move to your new safe haven by hiring our moving services.

Relocate Without Haste

Our movers ensure timeliness and competence with every move. There’s the intense emphasis on making this shift easier for you as we don’t wish to add more stress to your already burdened shoulders.

Experience No delays

Storage is moved right on the clock and with no unnecessary delays.

Belongings Handled With Care

We pack and move all of your belongings with utmost care. Our experts are well-equipped and trained in dealing with fragile belongings.

EVOM Is Your One-Stop Solution To All Things Moving!

Quick Mini Moves

EVOM specializes in making small and mini-sized moves and has designed packages accordingly.

Move Offices

Check out the moving plans curated by EVOM to select which one suits your needs best. We also provide moving services should you choose to shift office to a home-based location.

Local Shifts

Experts hired by EVOM disassemble, pack and lift all kinds of storage items, including heavy and fragile belongings. Set the clock and let our in-house moving team handle your shift with ease and care.

Move Apartments

We have designed a cost-effective plan for all kinds of moves - whether you want to move out and into a 6-room mansion or to a residential apartment location, allow our movers to make this trip smoother for you.

Relocate Storage

Planning to pick up stuff with no delivery location in mind as of yet? Why not let our movers shift your belongings to a storage facility?


Instead of heightening your troubles, we offer safe mobility and credibility as we understand the necessity of smooth transitions.

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EVOM is not just a regular web application for clients. We offer integrated CRM to provide an opportunity to all the insured and licensed moving companies in Los Angeles to list themselves on our platform and offer their exemplary services.