Focusing more on yourself might seem not logical when in the method of getting an ex boyfriend back. But let me tell you this, concentrating on yourself will get you the most effective results if you want your ex-boyfriend back.

It's safe to say that the last thing you want is to go out and have fun if you've just separated with your ex.

How am I supposed to get out and have fun when we just broke up?

It's not going to be easy but it's something that should be done.

Written below are the reasons why:

1. Keeping busy will make sure you don't end up calling your ex.

2. Being busy will make you stay away from wondering about things and being sad.

3. Being by yourself will make you wiser and enhance yourself and your life, thus if you get back together with your ex you'll have more going on for you than just being together.

4. Your ex-boyfriend will have more reason to come back to you if he sees that you're happy and enjoying your life. Sulking, being reliant, and constantly unhappy DOES NOT work in him wishing you back. Being that will only work to drive him further away. Being desolate will not make anybody desire to be with you.

Doing things for yourself will ensue in a positive point of view. You need to boost your self-esteem and set your mind to a positive mindset that you'll get your ex-boyfriend back.

What if you have nothing to do?

It's not that hard to think of things to do to make you occupied. Time with your relatives and friends is always a good start. Think of celebrations and gatherings they're having that you can join. A lunch or dinner with a girlfriend is also a good plan.

Another choice is to start a new pursuit or a side business that you can be busy with. Tinkering with computers, cooking, or anything you enjoy performing are some pastimes you can get busy with. Creating a business strategy is another great idea. Have you always wished to know how to play a sporting activity? Community colleges have small classes where they can instruct you a mixture of things about the sport you prefer.

Have you always wished to volunteer? This is one of the easiest things to get into as most companies could do with all the help they can get.

The principal plan to all these suggestions is that you get to go out and keep yourself occupied. You can even do things on your own, while this shouldn't be your main strategy because you want to build commitments. But you can take yourself to the movie house or go shopping.

Other things that you should do include the ff:

Take care of yourself. Feel great about yourself by exercising, which is also an added benefit as it will keep your mind too engaged to wonder about anything else like your ex-boyfriend.

Try some alterations. Changes don't necessarily signify character or attitude-wise, maybe you want to style your hair in another way, or buy a new fragrance scent. This will help significantly in improving your self-esteem.

Flirt a bit. Start smiling at men. This should go without saying why the first two are of great import. Smile at other males so they can smile in return at you. Not only will this enhance your ego, it will also substantiate the fact that you are alluring to other men and not only to your ex.

Though these ideas might pose some difficulty for you to do, rest assured that these are very successful.

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