It’s not unusual to feel inadequate and incompetent from time to time. It’s when you feel like that more often than not, that it can become damaging and even paralyzing. When you find yourself constantly putting yourself down, it can prevent you from thriving in your life. You become uninterested in trying to learn and better yourself, and wind up discouraged and depressed. Could this be you?

Many times self-doubt is rooted in negative childhood experiences. If you were made fun of as a child, it could impact how you feel about your abilities today.

• Painful experiences can lead to a vicious cycle of self-doubt that plagues the mind over and over.

Often, while growing up, the people you surround yourself with can say hurtful things unknowingly that have a lasting impact. So how do you stop replaying those negative comments in your head from parents, teachers, and other kids?

Use the following techniques to eliminate self-doubt and become more confident:

Stop Internalizing Negative Criticisms

Other people’s negative attitudes have more to say about them than they do about you. Don’t let others ruin your day by allowing their negativity to be replayed over and over in your mind. Often when people take their anger out on you, it is a result of their own inadequacy.

• Get out of the habit of criticizing yourself. By rejecting others criticisms of you, you will be keeping your power rather than giving it all to them.

• Ignore the inner voice that constantly reminds you that you will fail. By not paying any attention to it, that nagging will eventually go way.

• Rather than being certain that you will fail, switch gears and believe that you will succeed.

• Surround yourself with people who will support you and who want to see you be the best that you can be.

Shape Yourself For Success

Thinking positively and saying positive things to yourself does nothing if you aren’t actually working towards improving yourself and setting goals to achieve. You must be doing the work to make it happen. Keeping your end goal in mind, and visualizing the person you want to be can help you make the best choices. Another way to become self-assured is to jot down your positive qualities.

• Write down at least 5 things about yourself that you like. Read the list aloud every day when you wake up and every night right before you go to sleep. Hearing the good things you’ve listed will reinforce your belief in them.

While positive thinking can help put you on the right track in preparing yourself to succeed, you can also use these tactics to help achieve your goals:

• Make a list of your goals. Think about where you want to be in one year, five years, ten years, etc. Consider what smaller goals need to be achieved to attain the bigger goals, and make sure they are realistic. Setting unrealistic goals will set you up for failure and only discourage you further.

• Get to work. Once you have your goals in place, do something each and every day to move towards them.

• Celebrate your success. When you achieve a goal be sure to reward yourself. Avoid thinking that you do not deserve to succeed and honor yourself for your hard work and diligence.

Achieving small successes, a little bit at a time, will lead to greater confidence along the way. It may take baby steps to get there, but it’s worth every one of them.

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