From time immemorial people looked for the ways to live to the fullest in all aspects of life. Naturally pretty few people enjoy waking up early and spending their lives at work. Well, of course, there are people whose work is what they like the most. They are lucky ones who transformed their hobbies into a successful business or career. Nevertheless, most of the days even for these lucky people consist of routine. From one hand, routine is good. It is good if you have a schedule of your tasks that disciplines you so that you know exactly what to do and at what time. From another hand, it can become mundane and depressing. In this case, we lose motivation and see no point in doing all the routine daily tasks. We do them without any enthusiasm and naturally, do not achieve any heights. Is there a cure for that?
In the majority of cases, when people come to doctors with such complains as lack of energy, motivation, and in general feeling of unhappiness, they get prescriptions for antidepressants. But it is not quite right. If doctors would approach the problem from another side, like giving people a boost of energy so they could do even boring work with motivation and get done with it sooner, maybe depression and unhappiness would go away? This is exactly what Waklert does. Though the main function of the medication is a bit different, it still helps with such problems as lack of energy due to depression and stress, and even lost love for live.
What is Waklert? Who can use it and for what?
It is a trade name of the medication based on Armodafinil, an active substance used in several drugs and their generics to manage the symptoms of narcolepsy. The drug can be found under different trade names also depending on the manufacturer. The prices also differ.
Now about narcolepsy, it is a condition that makes people sleepy but not simply sleepy, but literally falling asleep anywhere and at any time. Such symptoms are caused by the violated sleep-wake cycle regulation in the brain. Unfortunately, the underlying reason for such people’s brains malfunction is still unknown. Fortunately, now they can effectively cope with the symptoms with such wakefulness-promoting drugs as Waklert.
Waklert stimulates the release of the chemicals that are naturally released by our bodies when we are awake. It contributes to the elevated levels of dopamine, serotonin, noradrenaline and other substances that make us energetic, alert, fast-thinking, agile, focused, improve our memory, and so on. All of these qualities are called also cognitive functions. The drug doesn’t cause blood pressure elevation and energy fluctuations throughout the day. It provides an even effect that lasts for an entire day.
Currently, in the U.S. the drug is approved only for three conditions: narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. But considering that the last two disorders are nothing more than the lack of a healthy night sleep, the drug can be also very useful (and safely used) for people without any conditions who feel sluggish and unfocused during the day. In other countries, it is allowed to sell the drug without prescription and doctors commonly recommend the medication for the conditions not listed on the label such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, generalized depression, and others. It is officially reported that drugs based on Armodafinil, the active substance of Waklert, are used by the Military and air traffic controllers.
Though in the U.S. doctors are quite unwilling to prescribe the medication for healthy individuals, on the Internet there are numerous articles and even communities where people discuss the benefits of the “smart drug” use as a cognitive function enhancer. Where do these people get the drug from then if it is so hard to get it from a regular pharmacy?
Where to buy Waklert?
In the U.S. you cannot legally buy Waklert without a prescription from your doctor. It is quite annoying for people who want to use the drug off-label and even for those who need it for narcolepsy because they are forced to go to their doctors and pay for the visits every time they need a refill. This is why the first and the second group of people prefer to shop medicines online. But of course, they need to find the pharmacies situated abroad as the local, U.S.-based drugstores won’t sell them Waklert without a prescription.
Fortunately, it is legal to get the drug by mail from another country. The main rules are: check the reputation and reviews of the pharmacy before you place your order; if you order a generic make sure to check that the active substance corresponds with the one that is in the drug you need; order pills for 3 months of uninterrupted use but not more per parcel as it is a legal limit.
I prefer buying all medications that I need from It is a pharmacy that always provides qualitative drugs at affordable prices. I got first Modalert from them then decided to buy Waklert. The drugs are from the same class but Waklert is a bit more potent. The effects are the same but the latter provides it for up to 12 hours due to the improved formula. There are two shipping options – standard and express. Of course, standard is cheaper. Here’s a tip, it can take up to a month, so I order pills in advance for several months ahead and when I see that I have only 30 pills left, I order the new portion. Obviously, you can buy fewer pills and use them only when you have a stressful week at work or upcoming exams. The drug doesn’t cause dependency so you can easily use it on and off whenever you feel like doing so.
How to use the medication?
As I have already mentioned, the drug doesn’t cause addiction and you can use it whenever you want to use it. It doesn’t have accumulative effect so there’s no point taking the pills every day if you don’t need them. However, I have noticed that I feel much better, healthier and much more productive and happy when I use Waklert instead of coffee and other stimulants. The standard dosage is 150 mg a day or one pill. I started using the drug from 75 mg or a half of a pill and sometimes it is quite enough for me. You should take the pill in the morning to avoid sleeplessness at night and of course, do not take larger dosages as you may suffer from severe insomnia for a couple of days. Remember, though you can feel that you don’t need any rest while taking the pills, your body actually needs sleep to function properly. Take care of your health, get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and do physical exercises. The drug will give you the energy to exercise and cook even after a long day at work. This way you will enjoy the amazing effect of the cognitive function enhancer and a healthy body.

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This post is made based on an interview with a patient who decided to use anti narcoleptic drugs off-label as a cognitive function enhancer.