This week one couldn't help but overhear all the chatter around Belief and Faith.

Entrepreneurs are quietly questioning their beliefs and inquiring if they're in the right business, what is "wrong," and when will they realize a flourishing business.

Wow…powerful stuff indeed, and what a great time to take a look at your beliefs and draw a line in the sand as to where your belief system lies.

If you are willing to believe the Truth, you'd know that you are perfect as is and are worthy of all the gifts life has to offer. This is simply the Truth.

With a Higher Power as the foundation for your belief system (God, The Universe, Spirit, etc.), you should now relax in knowing there are no favored few. In other words, you are similar to Oprah Winfrey—and she is quite similar to you. Both you and Oprah have been given the free will to CHOOSE, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE and HAVE ACCESS TO WEALTH. There are NO favored few.

What if you knew without a doubt that you have an intended Purpose, and that Life Purpose serves as your rudder through life?

And imagine, if you will, that uncovering this Life Purpose revealed YOUR individual answers on how you were meant to successfully run your business, brought forth your perfect clients or customers, and gave you the grace and ease to move around freely in this world. Imagine this feeling of freedom and having fewer and fewer moments of feeling insignificant, not enough, broken or confused.

This is your Truth. We all have a PURPOSE and belief in that purpose begins instantaneously upon discovery. You see, now your rudder is in position, and you can steer the boat exactly as it is meant to be: purposefully and without forces working against you.

To better understand how to BELIEVE and have FAITH:

Awareness: Become aware of the chatter that happens in your mind. When it's loud and obnoxious, simply say, "Ahhhh, isn't this interesting? My mind is playing with my soul and telling little white lies" (That you aren't good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, cleaver enough, etc.)

CHOOSE to have your first thought in the morning surrounded by white light, positive energy and a knowing that you are choosing to step around fear today. Fear will not hijack your day.

Take in a time when you felt strong, convinced that you were successful and felt as if you truly mattered. Picture where you were, what you were doing, and who was around you. Allow yourself to carry that feeling with you today and always. From this point forward, the AGREEMENT with yourself is a belief that White Light surrounds your endeavor.

Be clear on your intentions and be intentional in all tasks, jobs and conversations. Another way to say this: Mean what you say and say what you mean! Bring intention to your company and all that you do.

BELIEVE that life is meant to be lived!

Last, might I ask you to do a powerful exercise and ask: what has being without full faith cost you?

P.S. An open forum exists for you to ask questions and inquire more about living your best life. My heart is open, and my sincerity to serve you and The Greater Good is indeed alive and well. I look forward to connecting at

Author's Bio: 

A multi-faceted entrepreneur with 25 years behind me in Corporate America, my quest continues to bring the message to women that our answers are within. I deeply understand the limiting beliefs and roadblocks we encounter, and my job is to co-create your step-by-step choreographed path to realizing each one of your Dreams and Visions. 

At 49, I look back and question how I am so fortunate.

• I raised two amazing, college-educated daughters on my own.
• I continually made $500,000 to $750,000 annually minus a college education and, may I say, with a whole lot of integrity. (The most rewarding part of the income was the integrity piece.)
• I have a thriving marriage to an amazing man who wasn’t always so amazing (alcoholism).

I acknowledge being deeply thankful to feel fully connected with my PURPOSE AND PASSION. To fully embody living life as a First Class Female is an amazing experience, and my mission in life is to inspire and teach women to shift out of “I’m not enough” to Standing Tall in the First Class Female powerful self.