Memorial Day is fast approaching and for many Americans that means time spent near the water either at the lake, canoeing the river or another family friendly activity. As summer nears weekends of swimming, fishing, and boating become more regular for many. That also means more dogs are being taken along for family fun. Are you and your pet prepared? New environments mean new rules for pets and you shouldn't rush out with a dog in tow to hit the beach without being prepared! Here are some important things to consider!

  • Does your dog even like the water? - Pets, like people, all have individual personalities and some may not care for the water. Make sure you know how your dog feels before you drag him for a day at the lake!
  • Do they know how to swim? - While dogs may have a style of swimming named after their technique, not all pets are strong swimmers. If you have any doubts and plan to take your pet out on a boat or canoe, look into a life jacket for your pet!

Taking your dog to the water!

  • Be considerate of others - Keep your dog on a leash until you are in a relatively remote area and know that your pet obeys your commands when given. Some dogs have a natural instinct to save "drowning" people and may mistake a playful swimmer for a human in distress. Other pets may just be overly friendly. Not everyone is a fan of dogs and may not like being approached. As in any public setting, keep your pets interactions limited to you and your family.
  • Be mindful of doggie "business" - Keep the shore and water free of dog droppings.
  • Be VERY careful taking dogs out in motorized or speed boats! - Make sure they are properly kept on a short leash while in a boat, not capable of jumping over the side. If your pet is scared of loud noises then a motor boat may not be for them.
  • Be prepared for an emergency - Know what to do if your dog gets in over his head. These tips will help guide you through what to do in the event of a drowning. Knowing basic pet first aid could mean everything! To prevent an emergency, try to keep your dog close and always in an area where you can get to it quickly if needed. Stay clear of areas where boats and jet skis are in use too!
  • Be prepared for the ride home! - If you take your dog out much, your probably already know this. Just in case though, be sure you are prepared to be returning home with a wet pet and you have proper seat covers to protect your vehicle! Pack a towel for your dog and do your best to towel them off before hand!

Can't take your pet with you for a day on the water? Make sure to have a pet sitter or friend check in on them throughout the day to ensure their needs are met and they aren't too lonely!

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