Water is an important aspect of the life and it has to be clean, clear, and hygienic. Water is used for several residential and commercial purposes. Today humankind is facing acute shortage of water due the uncontrolled pollution and excessive usage of water. The cause of various diseases is the contaminants in water, so it is important to keep the water clean and clear.

Various companies are available in the market that provides water treatment solutions so that it will be used, efficiently. It is through the advance technology that pollutants can be removed from the wastewater. It can recover and recycle other valuable products for reuse, thus, reducing the amount of wastes and make the environment protective. Water purification or treatment refers to the process where water is purely purified so it is in the usage stage for residential and commercial purposes. The main function of the water purification is to make the water free from pollutants and dust particles. Water purifier technologies that are present in the market are cost effective and provide reliable treatment systems and services to the customers.

Most of the companies provide conventional water treatment systems as well as those using advanced technology. Water is purified by the sand filter, de-mineralizes, iron removal filter, activated carbon filter, ultra violet sterilizers, ultra filtration, electro deionization, nano filtration, reverse osmosis system etc. Conventional process also includes waste reuse process membrane bioreactors, emergency water supply and UV disinfection systems and RO cleaning contracts.

There are several water purification methods available in the market and the chlorination is considered as one of the important process. Gas chlorinator is used to purify drinking water. The chlorination technique helps to make the water free from pathogenic microorganisms. The gas chlorinators are designed in such a way so that it offers best services at less maintenance cost. The pre-assembled chlorinators are present in the market and complete test is organized by the experts in order to check and ensure ideal functioning. Thus, there is no problem at the installation and that saves time and money as well.

Water treatment devices help in improving the quality of water and save the society from various health diseases or health hazards like typhoid, botulism, bacteria infection, toxic substance, water hardness etc. Magnetic water treatment is one the technique that reduces the effective of hard water and turns it to soft one, making it suitable for human consumption and other purposes.

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