Everyone has a hierarchy in their list to say, that is the most important is router network speed, connection with multiple devices, reliability of not fractured. These are all the features included in the Wavlink router. This is a dual-band WiFi router and the network signal speed is definitely high. When you will use this router then you can imagine this router covers all the issues of your previous router. If you have multi-points nodes rather than a single point source here in this case you can add an extender to this both wired and wireless.

Before using the Wavlink router first and foremost, you need to be familiarized with the Wavlink router yourself. The Wavlink router antennas used for Extended the WiFi range. It’s mainly used in homes, small offices, and industries. This router contains a Wavlink router Ethernet cable and power adaptor. Using your Pc, you can easily access the login page visit http //wifi.wavlink.com. The Wavlink router network easily accessed mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and more devices. This router also contains features like the WPS reset button, some routers may have not included the WPS feature. This is a very impressive product comparison to another.

Login to the Wavlink router

You can not be doing the router’s setup, before accessing the Wavlink router login page. To access the router’s login page first, place your router in a clean and cool area. Now, you have to plug your Wavlink router and also your Pc into an electric socket. Connect the Ethernet cable with your Wavlink router, modem, and also connect with your Pc to use the wired connection. Turn on the power of your Pc and Wavlink router.

Wait for a few seconds, the router blinks a LED light. Open your device, connect with the router’s internet. Using your Pc, open the Web browser and type in the search bar IP address of your router or www.wifi.wavlink.com. Now, your Pc windows display a login box. Enter in the login box router’s username and password. Follow on-screen instructions, to complete the Wavlink router login credentials. Click on the next page option. On the Pc window, you can see a setting option. Through this option, you can now begin to do the Wavlink router setup.

Setup of the Wavlink Router

By using www.wifi,wavlink.com, you can quickly access the login page. To login to your router, follow on-screen instructions carefully. The setup wizard WiFi router is assisting with configuring your Wavlink router to access the wireless internet on your Pc. Now, you have seen a setting option on your Pc window. Click on the Wavlink WiFi router setting option. In the setting option, select the advanced security option. Those users who want to configure your router manually, select the no radio button. Enter admin and password as like the WiFi username and password, when it is prompt. Follow on-screen instruction and fill in the required information about the Wavlink router setting on the basic setting page. To save the setting changes, tap or click on the save option. The Wavlink router setup is complete. Now, you connect the router’s network with your Pc, mobile phone, laptop, and tablets.

Issues of the Wavlink router

Here are some common issues with the Wavlink router. The Wavlink router login credentials are not working. Your Pc sometimes displays a lot of Errors. The router’s network does not provide the network signal speed. Wavlink router setup credentials are not working. Overheating and overloading most common issues with the Wavlink router. Disconnects the router’s network from the Pc automatically. Login credentials are not matched and wrong. The Wavlink router Ethernet cable does not provide a wired network connection. The IP address of the router is not found.

Troubleshoot the Wavlink router issues

To fix the Wavlink router issues follow these troubleshooting points. Test the router’s network on different devices. Again check your Wavlink router login credentials. Reboot and reset your router. Place your router in a ventilated area, to fix the overheating issues. Re-enter the IP of your Wavlink router. Also, check the router’s wired connection and again attach all wired. Verify your modem and Ethernet cable has a successful connection. Also verify, An LED’s light is blinking or not. If your modem status light blinks green color light, then you have a good internet connection, and your wired connection is correct. Use these steps to fix the issues with the Wavlink router.

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