The two main ways to invest in the stock market are: intra-day-trading and delivery based share investment

  • Intra-day-Trading: In such investment, the purchase or sale of shares or equity has to be done on the same day. As soon as you came to know that the value of the share of a company is going to increase today, you bought it in the morning at a lower price and sold it back in the evening at the increased price of the stock.

    There is a risk in this, it is like gambling, because if you bought the stock of a company about which you came to know that today the shares of this company will increase but in the evening, due to some reason, that company's If the price of the stock decreases further, you will lose a lot. In such an investment, it is mandatory to buy and then sell the stock in a single day.

  • Delivery Based Share Investment: This is the best way to invest in Share Market. In this, after purchasing the shares of a company, you can keep a deposit in your demat account as long as you want. Any company sees its profit, it is well known that if you are investing your money in a company, then in two to three years the value of that company's share can be higher than before. Increase, then you sell the shares of that company, then you will profit. There is more brokerage in this.

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