We often make some decisions about life by heart and not by mind. It is not surprising to most of us that many entrepreneurs think of planning strategies concerning emotional quotient and not with the intelligence quotient.

There are times in our lives when people go away leaving us helpless. At that moment we become emotionally weak and often surrender ourselves to the defeat led by it. None of us are going to be alive forever and so why do we always run after the thought is something that we should think about.
It is a saying that people with good hearts always accommodate many more people in their lives because of their rational thinking and subtle attitude towards life whereas people who are often ambitious in life aren't able to come upon these terms.

Take care of your heart

Proper caring of the heart depends upon an individual. It is very much necessary for people to schedule a monthly heart-checkups appointment because they are vital in reflecting the reports of blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels. However, patients are also advised to follow the recommendations by professional healthcare which includes prescribing medications as well.

Jog-for betterment

Step-up and march for at-least15 minutes regularly and after some time increase your activity by five minutes as it will enhance your productivity too at the workplace.

Eat Healthy food

First, keep unhealthy foods comprise of soft drinks, chips, and hamburgers away from the refrigerator's store. Try to follow the schedule of a balanced diet which includes proteins, pulses, and leafy vegetables. Good advantages prompting better source of nourishment to the body like calmness, proper continuation of blood pressure leading the revitalization of the unfit body takes us back to the time of our childhood where we were reminded that consumption of good food fuels body for the whole life.

It's a good attempt to schedule your dietary habits on a healthy health margin. It is advisable to choose foods that are less saturated because they assure complete control of cholesterol levels. Make some space for food items like lean chicken, roasted and baked turkey, fruits and veggies, fat-free dairy products and whole grains.

Choose low-fat protein sources

Most people are highly confused about choosing the right type of protein-rich food, as a result, they often end up consuming the wrong type of food that increases the sodium level in their body. Foods like lean meat or chicken, poultry and fish, low-fiber dairy products and eggs are counted amongst the best sources of proteins. Thus it is advisable to choose low-fat foods like semi-skimmed milk, skinless chicken pieces and at last fish which is the well-known source of protein as well as the substitute of high-fat meats.

Recommendations prescribed by many experienced nutritionists suggest consumption of fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids supports in cutting down of lower-blood fats known as triglycerides. Apart from them, one can also look for salmon, mackerel, and herring as the source of attaining low-fat protein foods.

If you are a vegan then legumes, beans, peas, and lentils are the highly suited food for consumptions because its intake will increase the fiber intake in your body by sidelining the deposition of fat and cholesterol levels.

If possible, throw the butt and see the possibilities
It is stated in the report given by U.S. Surgeon General Report that smoking is the leading cause of deadly disease which includes cardiac arrest too. It becomes highly difficult for chain-smokers as their inbuilt-persistence to smoke without any limitation brings the carrier of many diseases. Therefore it is advisable to throw the cigarette butt before it throws you away from dear ones.

Break the stress

We know it is almost impossible for anybody to remain free from stress these days where professionalism has dominated our lives, leaving us like a mechanical machine that is coded to do the regular job just like a computer. If you just pause for a minute, think about different life where you don't require biometric machines to mark your presence or the need to sit in front of a computer for more than nine hours. It must be like an illusion to you and we understand because most techies suffer from the same difficulty.

You are left with two choices either be in the monotonic lifecycle or learn stress management techniques and feel good for the rest of your life. By choosing the latter, you can add quality to your life. Endeavoring deep-breathing exercises brings you closer to the best days in life.
Simply knock out stress, gild the life with valuable-gold like happiness that does exist in the dynamism of your inner-side.

Meditate to calm down the chaos occurring in your life, the moment you schedule meditation in your daily routine your life will as colorful as you never imagined.
The 4th industrial revolution revolutionized the tremendous technological change that put us to work with computers, brought smart devices that smartly minted money at cost of peace in our lives and the never-ending battle to strive for best before your final rest simultaneously conditioned us to function in the mechanical world with no set of choices.

As it is said that what went wrong can never be resolved again in the first phase but you can attempt to create a free-space for yourself where you can allow your mind to attain spirituality by breaking all molds of this materialistic world that is run on basis of profit and loss. To become a stress-free man, it is necessary to kill the inner-demons residing inside the mind and these demons are named as jealousy, greed, hate, lies, guilt, and fear of losing.
If you can concentrate for more than ten minutes, trust us you will be able to survive in this mean world driven by profit-lords.

Author's Bio: 

Sumi Gupta is a techpreneur having a brighter academic record. The alumnus of IIT Kanpur has more than a decade of experience in Energy and Healthcare sector and has also started an all-new venture by the name of Cure2heal (https://www.cure2heal.com/)