El Padre

- A man who raises or nurtures a child
- To acknowledge responsibility for
- To procreate (offspring) as the male parent

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful men who joyfully parent their children, others children and or complete strangers. We appreciate you and this most important role you play in our lives. Some of you are of our own blood, some of you are not, but you are still our fathers. You are needed in our life on so many levels. Essential to the balance of Ying Yang, our song of life.

I have been blessed with a wonderful step father. He is one of my best friends. He remarkably loved me from day one and never tried to play the “father” role. Ended up being the best Dad I could have ever charted in this life time. Never has he yelled, abused, cussed at me or breathed any negative energy in my direction through the 27 years of our relationship. Not even when I put coals in his gas grill, or almost totaled out my first car the day after my parents got it for me, colored my hair purple, or cut up his suits to make dancing outfits in high school. His stillness and kindness runs deep, his patience is strong, with loving eyes he calls my name when I am in need and offers his hand out to me. Now my son receives love and male role model ship from this beautiful man, he calls him Grand Daddy. My gentle giant, I call him my Poppy.

It is said that there are more children being raised by just women today in America then anywhere on the planet. There are men who stay with their families, raising or healthy co-raising their children. It is good we celebrate these men. Send blessings to them this time of year, remembering to respect and appreciate them. The generosity of the healthy male role model who takes his neighbors child to play ball or spends time on a craft project fills a void so large and is appreciated just as much.

Happy Fathers Day Friends and Paul Garrett, my Poppy, Grand Daddy.
With Love,
Renay Matthews

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