If you have a website and you are trying to make more money from it, then you simple need more traffic right? Although so many gurus sell people on the idea of getting thousands of website visitors a day, the reality is that the quantity of traffic is rarely the real secret to making money from your website. All forms of traffic is not created equal.

Making money on the internet really boils down to a simple formula. Get the right offer in front of the right customer. Think about that. You can get a ton of really "good" traffic to your website every day but if you have the wrong offer showing to the wrong people then you simply won't make money. People are getting g a lot more sophisticated in the way they use the internet and the days of simply throwing up garbage in front of your traffic is pretty much over.

You have to learn how to laser target your traffic. The more specific and the more exact you get the better. I have websites that make $500 a month from a trickle of traffic while some of my sites can barely break $100 with thousands of visitors a day. Why? It all boils down to conversions.

The formula is quite simple. You get visitors to your site. They click on your banners and your links. They end up on a merchant site (or your own sales page) and then they either buy or leave. There are effectively 3 variables and each one is part of this sales funnel. The first thing is to get people to your website. This is where SEO or buying website traffic comes in. The second thing is to use that traffic and to entice them to take the action hat you "promote" on your site. this can be signing up to a newsletter or just clicking a link. Then, its about converting that action.

When you track all these variables then you can start getting a lot more scientific about it. You need to pick the holes and find exactly where the problems are. Using your traffic wisely is much more important than just getting more and more traffic that does not make you money. Don't get fooled into buying more products that promise you more traffic. Make what you've got work and then scale it up. Its the smart way to do it.

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