Bone and Joint injuries are very common in people associated with various kinds of Sports. The reason behind this is that sports involve very difficult activities that lead to chronic wear and tear. Sportspersons are also at a risk of falling down and dislocating their bones and joints. Apart from these there are many other problems that can severely affect bone and joint health.

Some of the most common knee injuries that can be sustained while playing a sport are listed below:

Fracture - The problem is caused by breaking down of the knee bone and mostly affects the patella. The joining points of the femur and tibia may also be severely affected by fracture. Knee fractures are mostly caused by sudden trauma or blow experienced while falling. Knee fractures mostly include Patellar (Kneecap) Fractures, Distal Femur (Thighbone) Fractures of the Knee and Fractures of the Proximal Tibia (Shinbone). Fracture can be very painful and require a proper treatment. In case of minor fractures, a cast or plaster may be used to limit the movement of the knee and provide complete rest however in severe cases, a surgery might be required.

Dislocation - The problem is caused when the knee bones are forced out of their place due to sudden blow or trauma just like in case of fractures. As a result the patient experiences a lot of pain and discomfort accompanied by inflammation and swelling. In severe cases, the patient is not even able to walk without support and requires the help of crutches or even a wheelchair to move from one place to another. The normal routine activities of the patient also become Limited. The problem can affect children as well as adults and requires immediate medical attention.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries - These are popularly known as ACL injuries. Unlike fractures and bone and joint dislocation, that can be caused by a number of reasons, Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries are mostly caused during sports that demand high physical activities like football, basketball, soccer rugby etc. The reason behind such injuries is a sudden halt or change in the direction while moving fast. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries do not given on their own and require medical intervention.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury- Commonly known as PCL injuries, these are not as serious as anterior cruciate ligament injuries and sometimes heal on their own. This is usually caused by a sudden blow to the knee while it is in a bent position.

Collateral Ligament Injuries- These are caused by excessive force on knee that pushes the knees in different directions. This problem is also caused mostly during a sport by a sudden blow to the knee.

Meniscal and tendon tears are also very common sports injuries associated with the knee. Apart from sports injuries, these also occur due to aging.
Knee injuries can lead to a lot of complications and even permanent impairment hence it is very important to treat such problems in time. Consult the best orthopedician for all the necessary tests and screenings. Avoid moving the affected area and take proper bed rest. The doctor may prescribe certain oral medication for the pain and ointments to reduce inflammation and swelling. In case of surgery the patient may be restricted to perform certain physical activities for several months and this is to be followed up by physiotherapy to help the patient to cope up with the surgery.

The knee joint is one of the most complex joints of the human body. Our knees can get affected by a number of problems which can be caused by arthritis, injuries sustained in an accident or due to aging. One of the most common causes of various knee related problems is sports injury. Vigorous activities involved in various sports often lead to a lot of strain on the knee joints. Such injuries can be extremely painful and prevent the person from pursuing the sports he plays. BLK Hospital is one of the most trusted names when it comes to sport injury treatment in India . The hospital is known to provide the best treatment for various Ortho related problems including procedures like total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery, which aims at various knee problems. The procedures is performed by trained specialists using equipments based on latest technology.

A lot of foreign patients travel to India every year to get there knee replacement surgery done. The procedure is offered at a very low rate making it possible for a common man to undergo the procedure. Sports injury treatment in India is offered in all the leading Orthopaedic hospitals in India. Taking proper care of our knees is very important for sustaining a normal life. Knee injuries can make you physically handicapped by limiting your mobility. These can be extremely painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Sport injuries not only prevent the patient from playing the sport but also having very bad mental impact often leading to depression. Total knee replacement surgery is used in case the complete cartilage of the knee is damaged and the problem has become very adverse. However in case the complete knee is not involved, partial knee surgery may be opted.

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