So you are an education provider and have decided to take the huge leap towards the eLearning space with WordPress. Obviously you have your apprehensions, which is expected. After all you need to make the correct decisions and need to incorporate the finest eLearning Website features to draw the best results from your online learning management system.

So let's reduce the apprehensions!

The best candidate to reduce these apprehensions would be none other than an expert e-Learning website developer. A detailed understanding of an end users requirements coupled with the experience of developing comparative websites the website provider's perspective would be invaluable.

Yet, hold up a minute. You can't rely solely on the website developer and expect to create an exceptional e-Learning website. After all you would be the best judge of your requirements. Along these lines, let's take a step back and assess once again your expectations from the system. These expectations ought not be based merely on your current requirements but rather ought to likewise take into account the eLearning website features you intend to incorporate in the future.

The Most Important takeaway here is begin by creating a scalable website.

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Expecting that you have taken care of the fundamental e Learning website features, for example, courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments, user accounts etc let's delve into other e Learning website feature that must be thoroughly considered while taking the features of online learning route.

1.E Learning Website Feature 1: Online Store

A vital question you should ask yourself while working towards developing an online learning management system would be would you like to sell your courses online. On the off chance that the answer is NO then you don't have anything further to consider. Be that as it may, if your answer is either a YES or a MAYBE then you require to put in more some more idea.

The foremost question that would need to be answered here would be do you have an existing eCommerce website to which you would be integrating the online LMS or would you need to choose an eCommerce system also? On the off chance that you have to choose an eCommerce system then your best bet would be WooCommerce, as in addition to the fact that it is one of the most used WordPress modules in the eCommerce space however it is likewise integrated with a large portion of the leading ready to use learning management systems, for example, LearnDash and WPLMS in WordPress.

However, in the event that you have an existing eCommerce store which is not WooCommerce then there's more to your requirement than meets the eye. Along these lines, a smart thought is most likely connect with me through the comments section and I could help you better.

2.E-Learning Website Feature 2: Gamification

With all systems going online, end users have become absolutely impatient and it needs more than only a website to draw in a users attention. That is where the concept of gamification comes in.

Gamification would include features like presenting a direct system for enrolled students toward cultivate the competitive soul. Cheering the students with badges could be another method for gamifying the system. A module, for example, BadgeOS can handle this requirement well.

3.E Learning Website Feature 3: Student Interaction

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The one aspect that would be lost in an online classroom as opposed to a genuine classroom would be human interaction. This missing feature can sometimes hinder the learning process for a student as they now don't have anyone to get in contact with when faced with minor hiccups.

Which conveys me to my next feature and that is a long range informal communication gathering. On the off chance that this is a feature that you think would be necessary or relevant to your online classroom then a glance at BuddyPress would be rather advantageous I would state.

4.E Learning Website Feature 4: Brainstorming Platforms

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A customary classroom enables students to raise queries and set forth ideas in the classroom environment which serves as a great conceptualizing stage. In any case, with classrooms going online that aspect is completely lost.

This is where an online dialog gathering comes in. Alongside giving students a stage to raise their queries it additionally eventually shapes into a knowledge base for students.

At this point a question skimming in your psyche may be the manner by which to incorporate a discourse gathering in your website. The golden word that you're searching for here is bbPress. It is a free WordPress module that enables you to set up your very claim exchange gathering without breaking a sweat.

5. eLearning Website Feature 5: Event Management

In conclusion, for those of you who may be interested in the sorting out events for the students and need an event management system, you might need to pay special mind to the integration of an events module with your learning management system.

An example of a such an integration would be the LearnDash Event Espresso Integration.

This integration will be extremely helpful on the off chance that you need to associate the online courses with the events.

The five e Learning Website features I have listed above can pave route for an extremely powerful and invaluable system. In my experience the two LMS that come close to giving every last bit of it are WPLMS and LearnDash.

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