Hauntings are places where a spirit resides. This could be a specific place like a piece of land, but it does not have to be an occupied place necessarily or somewhere that has foundations built on it. Hauntings take place where someone has passed away and has not yet made it onto the other side, but remained on Earth instead.

When a spirit decides to stay behind, it could mean that there is an attachment between them and the place that is haunted, or the person (alive) who is currently still there.
Hauntings occur for different reasons;

1 – They haven’t realised they have passed away, for example, someone passes away and they continue to live like they did when they were alive, This is very common

2 – People who died and have an attachment to other humans on earth (children or a spouse) so they decide to stay earthbound to look after them. Unfortunately, there is no progression spiritually for the soul, so they cannot speak to anyone or interact, apart from with mediums who can talk to them and see them. As a result, people report seeing spirits walk through physical objects, turning things on and off, or there are disturbances like footsteps or feeling something touch you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these spirits are detrimental or will harm you - it just means that they do not have their physical shell anymore. They still carry on with life and the only thing that they lack is conversation.

What happens when a spirit is attached to a person?

Sometimes, when somebody is vulnerable, feeling down and their energy field is low, they are prone to attract spiritual attachments. As your energy field does not have that protection around it when you are feeling down, you attract this sort of spiritual energy. The likelihood is that they have come in to help and then become attached to our energy field, travelling towards our physical body.

What happens when a spirit decides to take revenge?

The personality of a soul does not change just because they have died. They still have the same emotions, feelings or attachments, so if it is the likelihood of their personality whilst alive to take revenge, this would happen. The more fear that is created towards a spirit, the more they enjoy this and could find it amusing so always try to keep a calm aura.

What do you do if you feel a spirit is attached to you?

You should see someone who can deal with this in a competent way, and who is able to do this properly. If this procedure is not carried out correctly, you are not only putting yourself at risk but the person performing it too.
Another way to help yourself if you feel surrounded by this, is to keep yourself spiritually clean, and that you are not attracting these spirits. It’s always a good idea to speak to people who have had similar experiences, so they can advise you on how they dealt with this situation.
Do not try and sort this out yourself! It can be dangerous and needs to be done in the hands of a professional who can open the ‘door’ for these spirits, to move them to where they should be.

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