If you are considering getting your products powder coated, then the powder coating service is the one you need. This service involves three basic steps; part preparation or the pre-treatment, powder application, and curing.

Prior to the applicaton of poweder coat, any dirt or oil is removed from the surface. Then, the powder will be applied using an electrostatic gun. Once the powder have been sprayed to the surface, it is now exposed to an elevated temparature until the particles begin to melt and flow together. Another alternative way of powder coating is to heat the surface or metal before spraying the powder on the heated surface. Once the powder touches the hetaed surface, it melts and blends to the surface. On both case, once the part is cooled abd dried, the surface will now form a smooth powder coated finish.

Before you search about “powder coating near me”, read below where you can use this service and its benefits.

Where can Powder Coating Service be Used?

Powder coating services can be used on different materials and products. Check it out below:

Appliances: Powder coating can be used on appliances such as the front and side panels of ranges and refrigerators, washer tops and lids, air-conditioner cabinet, dryer drums, dishwasher racks, water heaters, and cavities of microwave ovens. This service is widely used in the appliance industry. Powder coating has also replaced porcelain enamel on parts of washers and dryers.
Automotive: Powder coating service can be used on wheels, bumpers, hubcaps, door handles, truck beds, radiators, decorative trim and accent parts, filters, and numerous engine parts. It has been widely used in the automotive industry especially when a clear top coat has been developed to protect auto bodies.
Building/Architecture: The use of powder coating services in the architectural and building is extensive. It ranges from the coating of aluminum extrusion used on frames for windows, doors, and modular furniture to highways and building projects such as light poles, guardrails, posts, sign, and fencing.
Everyday products: Powder coated products are used in our everyday lives such as antennas, lighting fixtures, and electrical components. Sports buffs use bicycles, snowmobiles, ski poles and bindings, exercise equipment, and golf clubs and golf carts, all of which are powder coated. Farmers also have powder coated tractors and farm equipment. Metal furniture, computer cabinets, mechanical pencils and pens, thumbtacks, and other desk accessories that office workers use are all powder coated. For shop owners, their display racks, shelves, store fixtures, and vending machines have powder coating. If you’re a parent, the strollers, cribs, metal toys, and wagons you own are all powder coated. Other everyday products that have powder coating are lawnmowers, snowblowers, patio furniture, barbeque grills, garden tools, bathroom scales, electronic components, toolboxes, and fire extinguishers. These are just some everyday items that all benefit from powder coating.

Benefits of Powder Coating Service

When compare to paint coating methods, powder coating has more benefits. Here are some of the advantage of powder coating:


Powder coating is more durable and long-lasting when compared to other coating methods. For example, powder coated steel is more resitant to scratches, abrasions, corrosion, chipping, and general as opposed to painted steel. It can withstand tough environment while having it’s colour and design intact. Powder coating can also act as electrical insulators and enduerelong exposure to salt spray. With powder coating durability, you won’t be needing to fix your coating for a long period of time.

Environmental Friendly

Unlike liquid finishing that has solvents containing pollutants known as volatile organic compound, powder coating does not have any solvent meaning there’s little to no amounts of pollutant released in the air. This is why powder coating service is environmentally friendly. Plus, there’s no need to buy and maintain any expensive pollution control equipment

Specialty Coatings

With powder coating service, a wide rang of metal and non metal surfaces can be coated. There’s no required color, texture, finish, or even thickness for powder coating application unlike most coating methods. It can also produce a fasted amount of thickness compared to liquid coatings. Apart from that, since powder coating is made entirely from solid materials, there is no need to undergo the procces of dipping, running or even sagging that paint produces.

Faster Processing time

Powder coating services have shorter processing time than those services that used wet stoving paint since there is no solvent, no flash off period is required. Instead, powder coated materials can pass directly into the oven. This results in more savings on space and time.

Material Utilization

Unlike paint coating, where you can instantly lose and waste materials through overspraying, powder coating service use alomost all the materials. Because it does not contain any solvents, the material does not evaporate in the atmosphere during application. All undamaged and uncontaminated powder overspray can be reused for future coating applications.
Cleaner to use

The application of powder is much cleaner than the application of wet paint. A spray booth can be cleaned quickly and easily with the use of a rubber squeegee while the normal air extraction in the booth is operating. An air hose or brushes should not be used for this purpose. Any spillages of powder outside the spraying booth can be removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

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