IT companies are browsing for a technology that provides flexibility and ease of management in this digital era. Also, virtualization is gaining momentum as an operational model as the technology developers have made it cheaper, more secure, more reliable than ever before. One such virtualization that is also becoming more common is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

VDI is a hosted desktop system presented on the central server. It works to mimic the whole desktop system digitally through the Virtual Machine. It is not just limited to the PCs, and it can be accessed from any platform, whether it is tablets or thin client (mouse, keyboards) terminals. VDI is Virtual Desktop Solution hosted to connect the PCs and any thin clients connected to a shared desktop. 

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

There are many benefits of the Virtual Desktop Solution which attracts the users. Given below are some of them:

1. Control

With a user-friendly GUI, IT can provision, de-provision, or modify the desktops easily. All the data is saved centrally with an active-directory that allows the IT team to control the access and the areas of the Workspace instantly.  

2. Improved Security

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure always takes care of the device security through a simple centralized control feature. With the help of VDI, your computer can run on OS and also can access the data that aren’t saved locally on the device. Even your managed IT service provider (MSP) can easily control the content of the device, even the device is broken, damaged, or stolen.

3. Agility

The nature of cloud-based communications provides organizations or businesses increased agility and flexibility. With a few clicks, users can be added or removed easily. Users can bring any device for their required tasks. Sometimes, the physical location becomes irrelevant when you are accessing the user’s required application and files. 

4. Cost Saving

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a virtualization technology that shares the computing resources for efficient use to minimize the operational cost. Using Virtual Desktop Solution services saves high upfront costs for servers, applications, OS, and laptops. The logical use of resources automatically reduces cost.

5. Remote Accessibility

The business employees easily can access their work or product status from anywhere wherever they want. They can access their work from any devices such as Mobile phone, tablet, Mac, or Windows OS with a secure internet connection.

Final Take Away

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is one of the popular and best IT solutions for all organizations’ sizes due to its pocket-friendly cost, centralized management, flexibility, and better security.

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