English learning begins with basic grammar. If you look at Class 1 English grammar worksheets, you will find exercises related to learning nouns. So, what are nouns? A noun can be a person, place or thing. If we try to classify nouns, there can various ways to look at it.

The different types of nouns that you can start teaching your child are given below:

1.Proper Noun

It is a specific name given to a person, place or thing. A capital letter is used for writing proper nouns.

For example, ‘Lily’ is the name of a flower. It can be the name of a girl or a flower shop.

2.Common Noun

When a generic word is used to describe a person, place or thing then you use a common noun.

For example, ‘flower’ is a common noun. If we use the flower’s unique name then it is a proper noun. Other examples of a common noun can be boy, name, city, deer, etc.

Introduce basic nouns to your child through Class 1 English grammar worksheet that include colourful pictures and well-planned exercises to assist learning.

3.Abstract Noun

Ideas that cannot be seen or touched physically come under abstract nouns. For example, ‘happiness’ is an idea which can be experienced but cannot be shaped like a physical object.

4.Collective Noun

If you want to use words to address a group of people, places or objects then you will use a collective noun. Examples of collective noun are ‘family’, ‘team, ‘crowd’ etc.

Knowledge of nouns can help your child to use the English language correctly. Class 2 English grammar worksheets also come with exercises to understand the countable and uncountable nouns in grammar.

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