China is the country of blends of cultures; it is considered one of the most traditional countries in the world. Whilst picking a Chinese baby names for your new born baby you must consider several parameters such as meaning, pronunciation, and variants. People in china believe that baby naming ceremony is very crucial event of the life. Chinese baby names are of unique type and having too many twist and turns. According to old Chinese tradition baby boy has the given the privileged place in the family. In Chinese origin, old Chinese names for boys are particularly meaningless but when added to other prefix or suffix, they become meaningful.

Chinese baby names are popular, even in eastern Asian countries people like to search Chinese baby names for their newborn babies. Baby names trends change as per changing the country and origin.

• In Chinese baby names, the order of first name and surname is used differently in comparison to Westernized baby names; they use their surname as a first name for instance "John-Paul Smith" as a Chinese name would be "Smith John-Paul".
• Ethnic groups are of greater superiority in Chinese culture, in some of the major ethnic group people use the name of their ethnic group as a surname. Chinese surnames are usually originated from the name of province.
• Chinese names reflect the pages of history. As a result of which the baby names of the country side reflects the rural culture and tradition of china.
• Chinese nick names that are used often by friends and family are also of unique type and resembles the culture of the main land china. Most of the nick names are derives from being constructed by attaching the prefix "A-" to the last syllable. In china nick names are also called child names.
• Despite the fact that people are using Chinese baby names even in Asian countries, yet the truth is that transliteration of Chinese family names into foreign languages poses a number of problems. Chinese surnames are shared by people speaking a number of dialects and languages which often have different pronunciations of their surnames.

There are some of the most widely used Chinese baby names all across the globe. Here are some Chinese names for boys -- Chan, Chéng, Chen, Chung, Dàzhong, Déhuá, Déshèng, Déshí, Déwu, Ho, Hsin, Jin, Li, Manchu. The most popular Chinese names for girls are Chan Juan, Chang, Cong, Da-Xia, Fang, Fang Yin, Fen, Feng, Huan Yue, Hui Ying, Jia Li, Jiang Li, Jiao, Jin, Jing, Juan, Jun, Lee etc.

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