According to a study, more than 38 million people require medical help for several personal injuries annually. If this shocks you, then you have heard nothing yet.

An even more alarming fact associated with personal injury claims is that these accidental injuries are the third leading factor that causes the impacted people's death. This is true for the United States alone, excluding the rest of the globe.

This means that the severity of such accidental injuries should not be avoided. Suppose you have ever been at the receiving end of a personal injury. In that case, you will need to call a personal injury lawyer right away. In case of personal injury, you might want to get compensated. This is specifically true if the personal injury was caused at the workplace. Or, someone might have intentionally injured you to cause damage.

Whatever the case is, it is you who is in the best decision to decide whether to go to the court or not. That being said, it is essential to know that there are different types of personal injuries, some of which can have a lethal impact on the affected people's lives. However, the relevancy of a personal injury claim relies on the kind of injury.

Read on to learn more about the most common personal injury claims of the United States.

1. Injury Claims due to Car Accidents

Car accidents cause the most common personal injuries that lead to injury claims. In fact, millions of people residing in the United States suffer from damages caused by car accidents. Many of the suffering people decide to file for injury claims to receive due compensation or receive insurance money to fix their damaged cars. The underlying cause for car accidents includes the carelessness of drivers who were either driving under the influence of alcohol. Or, they were distracted by their phones and were texting and driving.

This fact leads us to the importance of practicing mindfulness and staying careful while driving. We are responsible not only for our safety but for the protection of others too. Getting distracted while driving can severely damage other people’s cars, trucks, motorbikes, and even pedestrians. In such cases, it can be incredibly hard to prove whose fault it is since car accidents occur within a fraction of second.

People need to have legal representation at the court. Typically, this can be done with a lawyer whose expertise is to deal with personal injury claims. This is one of the only ways to make a jus settlement possible. In most personal injury claims caused by car accidents, the drivers are found responsible. Taking responsibility for the damage done, they have to pay the price with serving time in jail, accompanied by legal fees and compensation to the impacted people.

2. Injury Claims for Slip & Fall Accidents

Slippery can lead to personal injury claims too. Such injuries can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, lethal as well. For instance, such accidents might lead to injuries to the body's sensitive part, including the head, neck, and back area. Sometimes, the accidents involving a slip and fall can also lead to severe head injuries. This is especially true for elderly citizens who suffer from hip fractures due to slipping and falling. Sometimes, such damages can be the result of the neglect and unintentional mistakes of caretakers as well.

Typically, these caretakers are specified for the care of the elderly. One moment of negligence can lead to a severe personal injury. We have seen many such cases happening at nursing homes where the elderly get injured due to their caretakers' failure. However, such damage might also occur if a person intentionally hurt another person by pushing them off a cliff. In such cases, the subsequent personal injury claim is accompanied by other criminal charges against the perpetrator.

3. Injury Claims for Medical Negligence

Sometimes, medical negligence is caused by medical healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and relevant staff. Such a failure can lead to the patients getting injured. Such an instance usually occurs when healthcare professionals fail to deliver good care and proper attention to their patients. At times, such mistakes and negligence are made unintentionally. Regardless of the case, the fact remains that the patients undergo mental and physical suffering due to such medical negligence. If that is the case, the personal injury might also develop into a complicated injury claim. It is important to note that injury claims can stem from various medical malpractices. These include a surgical mistake, improper medication, accidental overdose, misdiagnoses, and injuries related to births and deliveries.

4. Injury Claims for Physical Assault

We are living in a dangerous world where evil is lurking in every corner of the street. This is why the importance of knowing self-defense cannot be stressed enough. This is especially true for women and girls who are the easier victims of street crimes. Physical assault crimes that involve the use of guns have significantly increased within the last couple of years. This leads us to raise essential questions on gun-ownership within the various regions of the United States.

That being said, it is essential to understand that the majority of the physical assault injuries are intentional and inflicted deliberately. Unlike the previously mentioned causes for personal injury claims, physical assault injuries are done with bad intentions. Most of the time, personal injury claims for physical assault are accompanied by additional criminal charges against the inflictor of physical assault.

5. Injury Claims for Workplace Related Accidents

No workplace is safe, including a 9 to 5 desk job. All jobs are risky, and you can get injured anytime. Injuries can arise from a variety of circumstances. For instance, if you are a construction worker, you might fall off the ladder and break your leg. This is just an example of how injuries are related to the workplace. Such personal injuries can result from the malfunctioning of equipment and heavy machinery. If the work conditions are unsafe, the workers are prone to fall victim to work-related injuries. For instance, mineworkers can develop lung-related health issues due to the inhaling of coal dust. Put merely, work-related injuries are one of the most common personal injury claims within the United States.

More importantly, work-related injuries can also be claimed for under the category of workers’ compensation law. This law enables the impacted workers to seek compensation for medical expenses. This law protects their rights to the extent that they can also seek compensation for their missed days at work. Some jobs are at a greater risk for workplace accidents, such as construction jobs, pilots, police enforcement, healthcare assistants, etc. It is always good to know that as a worker, you have the right to claim compensation. You might want to check the services of the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

What are some Common Mistakes made while claiming for Personal Injuries?

Suppose that you have gone through certain circumstances that have led to personal injury. The following are some of the common mistakes made by clients of personal injury claims. Make sure to avoid these mistakes while you seek the expertise of the personal injury lawyer.

1. Worrying about the Involvement of a Jury

There are minimum chances for a civil claim to make its way to a trial. This means that similar to any other civil lawsuit, your personal injury claim might include medical negligence claims. It is more likely to be held in front of a judge. The chances of the involvement of a jury are down to 1%. This means that the court hearing will be far from scary. Usually, the jury is involved only in the enormous claims. The doubts are high that the claimant might not have been truthful in his/her personal injury claims.

2. Afraid of asking Questions

Many of the personal injury claims are complex in nature. Especially if these are involved with car accidents. The fact of claiming for personal injury is not as easy and straightforward as it might look. Before proceeding, things, and issues like these need to be thought about and analyzed carefully. Therefore, it is crucial to contact a personal injury lawyer and discuss all possible aspects of the case. This will help you get a better idea about the potential advantages and disadvantages if you decide to proceed with the claim. This aspect is also real for injury claims that are related to the workplace.

3. Failing to Collect Evidence

This mistake needs to be avoided at all costs. It does not matter how strong the case in your favour is, you need people and facts to back you up as evidence. Many people make the mistake of failing to provide evidence which has a negative impact on their chances of winning the case. This is specifically true regarding the injuries related to your workplace. You will need sufficient evidence that you can get from potential witnesses who can confirm the incidents that led to your injuries. Also, collect other information, such as receipts, text messages, emails, and even your GPS tracking that can serve as evidence.

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