Well! Well! Now that our television sets have become an indispensable part of our lives we literally lose our patience soon after they start giving trouble. A day without turning on a television set is certainly incomplete. If your TV has been good all this while yet you can’t afford to strike out the thought of it going intensely wrong somewhere, here are some common problems about television sets which you need to be wary of. Let’s get into them! 

When the TV screen wouldn’t show up even after it has been turned on. There could be a variety of reasons why this must occur to your television set. So what do you think can make a TV show up with this unusual behaviour? Sometimes when the set is run on a wrong input the screen won’t show up anything. Take the remote control in your hands and push the input or source button or the TV/Video button. Continue pushing the button throughout an entire cycle till you find the picture coming back. 

Sometimes even if everything seems to be right and yet the screen would stay blank, chances are the satellite receiver or your cable network has not been turned on. Find out if the connections are set right. If nothing seems to work right, go ahead call up your nearest TV Repair Service provider in Howrah

Video not syncing with audio 

TV set owners often complain about this. Don’t you think it’s quite annoying to watch your favourite flick with a mismatch video and audio output? When you see that the mouth movements are not syncing with the audio, you almost feel like turning off your TV. For this, you might need to visit the audio settings of the set or the cable box and then adjust the option for “audio delay”. 

Receiving an echo 

An echo probably shows up when you have turned on the volume of the separate sound provider which may either include a surround sound system or a sound-bar, alongside the internal sound system of the TV set. A lot of TV owners use the external speakers or sound systems for audio output. In that case, it’s wise to turn off the volume of the internal speakers or simply mute it up. The problem is likely to get resolved as you try this method. 

When the picture pixelates or breaks up 

Is the TV picture breaking up too often? Are the images pixelating? It could probably result from a weak signal. Rush to the set to check out the connections that link your television with the cable set top box. Tighten up the connection. If your TV continues to experience the same problem, call up the satellite provider. 

When the LED or OLED shows up lines 

For problems like these, you must call up a reliable TV Repairs technician in Howrah who will be able to tell whether it is a problem with the panel or an issue with cable connection. 

In nutshell these are some of the issues with a TV screen you are likely to face. 

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