Modern tattoos have their origins in the Polynesian islands. It has been thought to start in Ta’u, Samoa when two of its native conjoined twins had been accidentally separated by the prow of a singular canon. They eventually landed in Fiji where they were taught the art of tattooing. They eventually returned to their homeland, where one of the twins became a teacher of the art, and continued her work as a tattooist. The art of tattooing eventually spread in different parts of the Pacific Islands, and that includes New Zealand. However, tattooing goes even farther than all of this. The mummies of ancient Egyptian rulers had been found to be adorned in beautiful intricately made tattoos. In fact, Cleopatra herself dabbled in permanent makeup.

The problem with permanent makeup overall is that complications can develop, just like with standard tattoos. The recipients will develop allergies to the pigment that has been used and develop scars like keloids and granulomas. There is also the risk of your skin peeling, cracking, blistering, or infections forming. The artist will have to make sure that the tattooing instruments have been properly sterilized otherwise they can cause several diseases like HIV, and hepatitis.

Mummified bodies of people from 7000 years back have permanent tattoo marks on their bodies, definitely made for the sake of religion or culture. However, these days one major permanent makeup tattoo trend that is running rampant is called micro-blading. This is the process of eyebrow feathering that produces a semi-permanent result that can be renewed every few years.

In contrast to normal tattooing, eyebrow tattooing will use a microblade, which is a fine blade that consists of a line of small needles that are dipped in pigment and stroked across the skin gently to create fine hairs. These lines are similar in shape to a person’s own eyebrows which allows them to blend in and look natural.

One major problem with microblading is that if the aesthetician is not experienced the results might come out looking the opposite of what you desired. The color could be too dark, uneven, too light, or too much. In a lot of cases, the complaint can be fixed by the professional. If the eyebrows have been made too large and heavy then the aesthetician can use a pigment lightening technique, or remove it. However, the removal of the makeup is pretty costly and incredibly painful. This problem can typically be fixed with normal makeup, however, you would have to do that all the time.

Side Effects Of Tattooing Your Eyebrows

As with the majority of the tattoo eyebrows, an eyebrow tattoo will cause skin problems such as scratches, inflammation, and the appearance of bumps that are red in color. They can even trigger allergic reactions that can be incredibly itchy. Tattooing eyebrows without sterilized tools will put you in danger of life-threatening or at the least life-altering diseases like tetanus, Hepatitis B, and C. Also coming in contact with the sun after getting your eyebrows done can endanger them to inflammation.

It is best that you do a lot of research and get a consultation before you opt for eyebrow tattooing. The problem is that removing tattoos is an incredibly painful process that can really break the bank and also cause you unsurmountable pain. This is why you might want to think twice before you opt for the procedure. However, there are some aftercare tips that will ensure that everything is smooth sailing and that you can enjoy gorgeous eyebrows in peac

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