Ancient and therapeutic, the Nuru Massage is deeply rooted in Japan’s culture. Over the years, the Nuru massage has raised awareness on subtle aspects concerning the approach. While only a few of you may be familiar with the term, there are thousands or may be millions of people who still have no idea about this therapeutic touch therapy.

Interesting Insights On The Much Popular Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is an art-form, majorly a therapeutic way of achieving wellness. With its Japanese origin the term “Nuru” refers to the word “slippery”. It is a slippery approach involving complete body-to-body contact which the masseuse performs on a client. Other than bringing upon health benefits the therapy focuses on enhancing sexual wellness.

Stress from different walks of our life is bringing upon negative impacts which is taking toll on the lives of many men, who nowadays have started to feel a lack of arousal. A part of Tantric massage therapy, the Nuru massage is for those who are eager to experience sexual indulgence while standing witness to a sudden boost in their stamina. The Japanese Nuru massage in London is a saviour for all those who want to regain strength, erotically.

Nuru massage is a sexually gratifying massage, where a charming and erotically luring masseuse uses nudity to increase arousal in a male client through a slip and slide technique.  The thirst is quenched as the masseuse uses her body parts to therapeutically satisfy her client in extremely erotic ways.

Nuru Gel- The secret ingredient to appease sexual craving

The gel has a thick consistency and is mostly diluted with water. Made with 100% natural ingredients, the Nuru Gel chiefly comprises Nori, which is an herbal extract derived from seaweed found only along the coastal areas of Japan. Other botanical elements too, form a basis of the gel like substance which when applied and massaged on a man’s body brings extreme pleasure.

Grapefruit extract forms another key ingredient of the medicinal gel alongside aloe vera extracts and various different herbs. Due to its slipperiness the Nuru Gel offers effective results.

The steps of performing the ancient massage therapy

Known for bringing upon great benefits, the Nuru massage is indeed a pleasure seeking approach, enjoyed by millions of people. It is performed at a comforting environment. The massage involves step by step techniques and ensures complete stimulation. Following are ways through which it is practiced:

Seeking preparation for the massage where the masseuse as well as her client comes in terms with each other. During the process the masseuse asks her client to lie on an air mattress.
After the ambience is set, the masseuse mixes the Nuru Gel with warm water. Before it is applied on the client’s body, the latter must seek a steam shower to allow the gel to work better.
For this intimate massage therapy to work excellently, both the masseuse and her client should establish eye contact. This is followed by the application of the Nuru Gel.
The sensuous masseuse then sitting on her client’s thighs proceeds with her therapeutically erotic tactics by sliding up and down and stimulating sexual urge. Erotic stimulation is the chief objective of performing the massage. She may as well exert pressure on genital areas for arousal.
The results of a Nuru massage

Consider yourself lucky if you seek Nuru massage in London for sexual relief. Performed on an air mattress the therapy entails a nude masseuse to constantly use her nude body parts in order to slide into a man’s arousal. Indeed the massage technique brings tremendous relief.

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The Japanese Nuru massage is an excellent way of seeking sexual respite. Practiced in an elaborate pattern, the massage therapy brings upon great erotic impacts.