There are plenty of studies out there that prove that companies with excellent customer services outdo ones that don’t. So it goes without saying how important it is to provide great service.

This is especially true in the case of inbound call center services. Call centers are often the primary point of contact for most customers. There are many people who want to interact with an actual human most times.

Customer service agents are the voice of the company. They represent the brand. When customers interact with the agent, they get a taste of the brand.

Get your employees to deliver good customer service by sharing with them these basic tips:

1.Understand products/services inside out: Get to know the products and services of your company in depth. Study all there is to know about the products and services that you intend to help the customer with. When you’ve mastered all the information, you have the foundation on which you can lay all the other essential customer support skills.

2.Listen carefully to the customer: Pay close attention to the caller. When they explain their situation to you, listen with an attentive ear, without interruption. This way you not only get to know what the problem is, but you also show the customer that you are actually paying attention. This can boost their confidence in you. The other thing about paying attention is, you might get little details from the caller that you can use to personalize the call. Like they say, the god is in the details.

3.Patience and understanding: Sometimes, customers are frustrated about something and are probably venting through most of the call. It takes understanding and good deal of patience to actually wade through it all and focus on the core issue. Once the actual problem is identified, doling out the solution is a piece of cake.

4.Communication: Now there are 2 aspects to this. Clarity and tone. Clarity in the way you speak and what you speak is important. This makes the call transparent and leaves nothing to misinterpretation. Double-checking details, verifying to get clear yes or no answers, caller-friendly language, etc. are ways in which you can build clarity.
A polite and friendly tone makes you sound approachable and likeable. Sounding genuine and conversational will bring down the caller’s guard will put them at ease.

5.Do not be pushy: A huge part of being a company’s agent is to sell things or getting the caller opt certain facilities. Persuading them by making them see the positives is one thing. But going overboard and being pushy is a totally different method which can put off the customers. No matter how much you try some customers refuse to budge. Rather that twist their arm, thank them for their time and just leave them be and hope they’ll turn to you later for being polite.

6.Let the caller conclude: Always allow the customers to close the conversation. Once you have summarized the current call and let the customer know what happens next, ask them whether you can help them with anything else. This way you show them that you are ready to help further and also steer the conversation to a close since it is mostly likely that their current issue is already addressed.

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