You want to avoid dealing with an insurance company at all costs after suffering significant injuries in any kind of accident. You want to put the entire situation behind you because you're bewildered, worn out, in pain, and probably puzzled. We recognize that you require time to recharge in order to recover and put your life back together. Sadly, so does the insurance provider. They become more determined to pressurize you into accepting a lowball settlement as a result of this. 

There are lawyers who can assist you during such trying times and you can contact them if you have questions. But if you’re still thinking of what might happen if you want to work without a PI attorney, read the concerns of this post.

Hiring a lawyer - Is it always in your best interest?

The knowledgeable legal teams can assist if you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer but would like additional information before making a decision. They may go through the specifics of your accident, determine the extent of your damages, and discuss whether or not legal counsel would be beneficial in your case. You can always call a lawyer and schedule a free consultation in order to get an idea of the case.

Are there chances of losing settlement money without an attorney?

If you don't engage with an attorney, there's a considerable possibility you'll not be able to gain a significant settlement sum. Insurance companies have a well-deserved reputation for exploiting victims when they are at their most helpless by proposing meager settlement sums in the hopes that your dire need for money will enable them to rapidly settle your case. 

The initial compensation offer is accepted by many victims because it seems generous. If you experienced whiplash or a traumatic brain injury, you may not be aware of the full degree of your injuries when an insurance adjuster approaches you shortly after your accident and what types of compensation you are eligible for. This is when you might need the help of a legal professional.

What if I am able to negotiate with the insurance company?

Although we recognize that you just want to settle things, it is a good idea to have a qualified personal injury attorney analyze your settlement letter before accepting any offer from an insurance provider. It is extremely improbable that the insurance company is offering you an offer that is in your and your family's best interests, as was already noted. 

When you agree to a settlement, you give up the option of suing the insurance company for a higher settlement sum. You cannot contact the insurance provider and inform them your circumstances have changed if you later learn that you need further medical care and cannot return to work.

Most people have never engaged in insurance company negotiations, which can be tedious and draining. Insurance companies use their own legal teams to safeguard the interests of their business, and you ought to do the same.

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