On Thursday (25th January 2018) Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham who is the Co-founder and CEO of Civic (an identity protection and management start-up in San Francisco) predicted that bitcoin cash, the subsidiary of the trendy crypto-currency will be in greater demand than bitcoin in the future. The Bitcoin price prediction pundit recommends holding Bitcoin and Ethereum and buying bitcoin cash.

He said,

“Bitcoin and bitcoin cash are focusing on two entirely different markets right now. When I look at it from the retail point of view, I think there is better demand for peer-to-peer cash instead of digital gold.”

Lingham, who owns different cryptocurrencies, stated that Bitcoin Cash is most frequently used for fast payments and Bitcoin can be considered as the better option for investing. He further added that shareholders should hold Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, now is a good time to get the hands-on Bitcoin Cash.

In August 2017, developer split off from the original bitcoin to form bitcoin cash. Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain network with bigger block sizes to enable faster transactions, lower fees, and less network congestion than Bitcoin

As the market closed on Thursday, Bitcoin was valued just above $11,200, a 45% drop from its all-time high of $19,500 in December and BCH price was just above $1700. Investors have sold off cryptocurrencies in the middle because there was the fear of a tentative regulatory atmosphere and a crushing rally which now has begun to turn round.

Source: http://www.unkrypted.com/what-vinny-lingham-looking-to-buy-and-hold/

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