If you have lost your car keys or they were stolen they are easy to replace with your automotive Brighton, MA locksmith. They can be replaced through your car dealership however when doing this through your dealership you will be paying so much more for the same quality key. The thing with car dealerships is you pay for the same thing, but you are actually paying a few hundred dollars more just because it comes with their logo on it. It is easy to replace a normal, basic key or even a transponder key that may be lost or isn’t working correctly.

Replacing your security devices online

You certainly can replace your keys, transponder keys, and remotes online but you will wait a significant amount of time for them to be shipped to you. You may look at the prices online and wonder why they are so much cheaper than your locksmith Brighton, MA and this is pure because they are very low quality and do not come with any certifications. They are not up to the proper standards. Most times when one is brought online you will face troubles and they often don’t work properly from there you will need to get a locksmith Brighton, MA to solve the problem anyway.

Choosing an appropriate safe

When people are thinking about security, they are thinking window locks, patio door locks, and security systems. People tend to look past keeping their valuables and money safe. By investing in a decent safe you are adding that extra layer of protection to your home. Locksmith Brighton, MA can install a safe in your home or workplace without any hassles. If you need to store confidential hard copy records a safe is your best spot for these to be kept protected and away from prying eyes. If you have a malfunctioning safe the Brighton, MA locksmith team will come to your home or office and get any safe or vault opened in a flash.

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Do I need to change locks when I move to a new house?

When you move to a different residence it is important that you think about security in this instance. People get excited about moving into their new home and get everything sorted out they forget something very important, their security. It is most important for a new owner to change the door lock. You may receive sets of keys when you move in but who is to say they have not kept a copy or got a set of keys copied. Don’t let intruders enter your home with the keys that they have kept. Changing your locks means any remaining keys will no longer be usable in the lock.

Considering a dead-bolt from Locksmith Brighton MA

You may think about getting a guard dog to protect your home or even a new security system but did you know that locksmith Brighton, MA actually recommends getting a quality dead-bolt as it is one of the best resistances when it comes to home burglaries.

In many cases, most intruders will use force as a way to gain entry to your home. Dead-bolts have a bolt that extends out into the door jam and the striking plate of the door so it makes the door very hard to enter even with harsh force. If you are using dead-bolts and they are working properly your home is very safe.

The basic parts of a dead-bolt are the key cylinder that is located on the outside and the bolt that will slide in and out of the door jam and the thumb which allows the manual control of the lock from inside.

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