Do you need a website? You don’t know where to start. If yes, this blog is the perfect panacea for you.

What do you need to run a company website?

To start a website for a company or individual, you need to book a domain. There are different types of domain extensions available. There is .com, .org, .net, io, .co,, etc. You need to book one of these to run public.html files under it.
At the very next step, you need a hosting server to host the files.

What is a domain name?

A domain is a collection of nodes, devices, file servers, workstations, database servers, etc. In the case of a website, it refers to the website name.

What is a hosting server?

A hosting server is a type of server that hosts or houses your website and/or related data, applications, databases, and services. It is a remotely accessible internet server that helps to complete web server functionalities and resources.

How a web design company works with you

As soon as you reach a web development or web design company, it asks you to book a domain. You need to go to book a domain with your preferred names. However, it sometimes happens that your preferred name is not available. Then you need to check the availability. You need to find a domain name very close to your preferred names from the available domain names.

Web Development Company asks you the type of website you need

After domain booking, the web development company asks you the type of website you need. This is why you need to be very clear about your website needs. Here you need to tell them the number of pages you need. Let them know whether you need an eCommerce website and any specific payment gateway for it. Getting all device responsive websites is always advisable. It will give you an optimal viewing experience on most of the advanced electronic gadgets and internet access devices. Get one contact form 7 for the website to track the daily enquiry on your website. Your website must be mobile-first to get the maximum number of online visitors on it.

Technology preference for your responsive website

If you have a test for any specific type of technology, you must tell them. You can go for WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Laravel, Codignator (CI), WIX, Magento, CakePHP, CutomPHP, etc. You need to decide and tell them.

CMS to manage the website

At last, you need to get a user-friendly CMS to manage the website on your own. It will allow you to edit, delete or add content to your website with no technical knowledge. You can stay tension free as you don’t need to revert to your website development company when you need small changes.

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