What do you want? Reeeally want? Maybe it's a dream career? More abundance with finances? Having the love of your life?

Maybe you've been using methods you've learned about the Law of Attraction, but for some reason you're still not attaining your desire? Perhaps, you've attained it, but have failed to hold onto it. Perhaps, you get close to attaining it, but not just quite. What's going on here?

It's quite simple, but at first glance complicated. The simplicity of it is, you're not allowing yourself to have it. It gets complicated, as you're wondering how am I not allowing myself to have it? So, let's simplify that! :)

Think of something you've really been wanting. It can even be just an item you've been desiring. A new car, a new video game, a vacation, a pet, or huge changes in your life like the dream career, more abundance, and the dream love, I spoke about earlier. With your desire in your mind think for a moment, why it is you -think- you can't have it?

Maybe you're thinking of reasons along these lines:

*I haven't worked hard enough for it.
*I've tried before and it failed.
*I've tried several times and failed.
*It just can't happen to me.
*I'm not worthy of it.
*I really just cannot believe I can have it.
*Good things like that happen to other people, not me.
*I fear I'll get it then lose it. I don't want to experience the pain of loss.

Look at all those reasons. If you can tune in a moment to the words of those sentences, some of you may can feel the energy, the vibration of those words. They're heavy. They're low key. They're blocking. This is -how- you're not allowing yourself to have it. You're remaining too focused on all the thoughts, as to why you -don't- have it, and then you apply that to as to why you -can't- have it, and this KEEPS you in the vibration of not having it.

The way the Law of Attraction works is it matches vibration. You attract what your vibration matches. And a very key factor about the Law of Attraction is to know - the law CANNOT not work. It will NOT fail.

So, now that you can see how you're keeping yourself stuck in the vibration of not having it, how do we move into the vibration of having it? Here's the key. Think about what you really want again. Now, think about -why- you want it. Really, give it pause. WHY do you want that?

Consider some reasons below as to why you may would want something:

*I want that great love in my life, oh because that FEELING! That oh so beautiful FEELING it gives me!
*I want my dream career to be free to be me! Oh the exhilaration of doing what I love to do, and being paid for it, instead of doing it as a hobby, and working a job all the time that I dislike. That would FEEL great!
*I want financial abundance in my life, so I can FEEL the freedom to buy anything I want or need, and not FEEL worried or scared I won't have enough to pay bills. I'd love to FEEL how great it is to buy my loved ones things they like and enjoy too!

Did you pick up on the pattern? :) FEELING. You want what you want because of the FEELING you'll have, having it, and/or experiencing it.

Some of the discomfort you have in not having what you want is, because you're feeling a LACK of the feeling you desire. You then focus on this lack of the feeling, and then you feel bad because of the lack. This portrays another way you lock yourself in a lower vibration of not having it, and thus continue to attract NOT having it.

This is where the magic begins. Now, pause and think about what it would feel like to have what you desire. Perhaps you've had it in the past and want to recapture it. Think back to that past moment you did have it, and recall that feeling you had then. Pull it forward. Get into it, and FEEL it. If you haven't had it before, you can still imagine what the feeling is you're seeking to have by having it. I know you can imagine it, or else you wouldn't want what you want! Get into it. Picture yourself having it. What are you doing? What's happening around you? Put in some details. What's it FEEL like? Get into it until you feel a smile etch on your face. Oh yeah, now you're feeling it! And it feels good! Now, your vibration is in harmony with what you want. It's in this moment, you're attracting it to you!

Because remember, the Law of Attraction cannot NOT work. It HAS to work. Its law is to match the vibration. You're in the vibration. You're attracting it. Spend a few minutes doing this each day. Every time your desire comes to your mind, pause and think about what it will FEEL like to have it. Start FEELING it right there on the spot. Feel it until you smile, each time! Again, now you have the feeling, and you're attracting it. And sooner than later, far sooner than you can imagine, you'll have what it is you want!

Now for those of you locked on I want THIS person, or I want that thing to come to me THIS way ... let that go. You are looking for the FEELING. If that person, or that thing coming to you this way, is not in the same vibration of your desire, it CANNOT come to you. It just simply cannot, because the law cannot fail. Remember the core of what you really want is the FEELING. So, let go of whom and how, and get into the feeling of having WHAT you want, and attract that matched vibration right to you. If you're really stuck on the person, understand, if they don't step into what you're attracting, then they NEVER had the quality you THOUGHT they had to offer you, because you attract what's in YOUR vibration.

Now, here's a little extra something to consider. Wanting what we want, sometimes we feel like from a rooted belief we've picked up from society that getting what we want is bad. Like for example, it's bad to have a lot of money, unless you worked super hard for it, like years in college and/or extreme hours at work. This is a limited belief. Let's work on that briefly.

Go back to that feeling of having what you want. Remember, how good it feels? Here's a precious secret. While in that feeling, your vibration is lifted higher. And something beautiful happens when your vibration is higher. You start affecting people! Your higher vibration helps to lift other people's vibration. And then of course their vibration being lifted, they help lift other people's vibration as well! You can see here, just by raising your vibration, you're putting a positive affect out there to others. You ever meet someone who is in a higher vibration and notice you start feeling better being around them? Now, you're offering the same output!

So, the next time you start feeling bad or guilty about having a good feeling about what you want, because you feel the judgment of society, just recall, you're GIVING to society a lot of GOOD just by FEELING that wonderful feeling of having what you want! It's all win-win! :)

Now, I ask you again. What do you want? Allow yourself to have it!

Love & Light,
Seqkat >^..^<

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