Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of the Holiday Season. What does this mean? For some it can have religious meaning as the birth of a savior, while for others of the Jewish faith it can represent Hanukah or the "Festival of the Lights." For those of African descent it can represent the holiday of Kwanza that celebrates their heritage.

There are those that see this season as a time of giving and receiving gifts. While others are turned off by the sheer commercialization of the season, others revel in the feelings that gift giving can provide them. What does the Holiday Season mean to you?

For many people the holidays are a time of joy. It is a time of celebration and a time of family. You feel good inside and energized. You revel in the abundance of the year. For many, they look forward to Christmas and the Holidays. They are searching for the peace and contentment that can be found in the silence of a manger scene. Some are searching for the leap they feel in their heart as their children run out of their rooms to see what Santa has brought. It does not matter what it cost, for the smiles and laughter of their children are priceless.

There are those that do not have children or families. They chose to serve and give to others in the community. It could mean standing on a street corner ringing a bell or serving the less fortunate at the local soup kitchen. It is the feeling of giving and serving their fellow man that gives them the feeling of peace and abundance.

There seems to a common feeling of joy that all people feel during this yuletide season. Families come together, large meals and treats are cooked, and there is a lot of laughter and thanksgiving. This feeling may last through New Year's Day. Then the children must prepare to return to school. You may have to prepare to return to work. The relatives return home and the decorations start to come down. If this is not enough to signal that the season of abundance and joy are over, then you receive your first credit card bill.

So why is it that this feeling of joy, abundance and giving can only last for such a short time? Why can't we commit to this feeling of joy and content year round? Why do we only serve others once a year?

I'd like to personally challenge you to have a special New Year's commitment. Commit to bringing the abundance to yourself throughout the year. Have the feeling of giving and sharing in your heart. Allow it to uplift your spirit. Commit to being thankful everyday and thank the Universe for all of the things it has provided you. You don't have to keep up the Christmas tree or holiday decorations year round, but you can keep the spirit of it alive in your home.

A friend of mine recounts the story of one of his earliest memories of Christmas. It was not until years later that he heard the full story. When he was about five, his mother worked with a woman, Ms. Smith, who did not have a lot of money. In fact, Ms Smith and her little girl only had a drawing of a tree on the wall. The little girl said, "I don't think Santa will know where to bring presents this year because we don't have a real tree. I hope he can see my drawing."

My friend's parents brought Ms. Smith and her little girl their own tree, a large dinner, and some of my friends wrapped presents. He would not ever miss them because he already had an over abundance of gifts. That Christmas a little girl had a tree and presents. Santa had found her. My friend's parents gave Ms. Smith some money to help her out after Christmas. Ms. Smith and her child took a bus back to live with Ms. Smith's parents until she could get on her feet again. A card some months later said that the Ms. Smith went back to school and they were doing wonderfully well.

A kind gift and the feeling of giving past one day helped this family change their lives. No one involved will ever forget that Christmas. So remember to commit to a New Year of abundance, sharing, and joy.

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Eva Gregory, is America’s Divine Guidance coach, speaker, author, and conscious channel. Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction. Her latest book “Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction” co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame, and one of the featured teachers in “The Secret” can be found in bookstores. In her work, Eva brings through her loving, non-physical guides known as Theos. Want to know more? Please accept her complimentary audio recording, “How to Connect with Your Own Divine Guidance and Get Answers Now!”