Is your curiosity peaked? You never know where or when an important message will present itself. Last weekend I heard such a message. Patricia Clason, a speaker and Business Coach, talked about different triggers you can utilize to empower yourself in any circumstance.

The one that really resonated with me was the Q-Tip technique. We all know what a Q-Tip is and the many different uses for it. I’d like to share a totally new concept of a Q-Tip that I learned.

First let’s examine the characteristics of a Q-Tip. Come on, bear with me here. 
It’s both soft and hard, strong enough to bend yet can break if too much pressure is applied. It’s multi-purpose and can be a very valuable tool to have. We’ll stop there, but you get the picture.

Now let’s take this in another direction. Let’s take this simple, little Q-Tip and see what else we can create from it. Let’s use it as an acronym that you can utilize to empower your life in so many ways.

Q – Quit
T – Taking
I – It
P – Personally

Quit Taking It Personally!

Does that add a twist to it? How many times do we allow circumstances or other people to dictate our reactions and feelings? How many times do we take it personally when it really has nothing to do with us?

Don’t take it personally when:
• Someone doesn’t like what you wear
• Your spouse or significant other has a bad day
• Your kids are upset because they got a bad grade for not studying
• Your boss adds extra work to your already packed responsibilities
• A co-worker is offered a position you desired
• A local organization just doesn’t seem to appreciate ALL you do
• The driver in another car cut you off on the highway
The list can go on and on…

Here’s the thing. Everyone has their own perspectives on life and the ensuing events that occur. You cannot change any of that, but you certainly can change the way YOU perceive these events. People are not “doing” things to you or “against” you. They’re way too busy with their own life to be aware of how this may affect you.

Take a good, long look at your own perceptions. Are you acting in ways to empower yourself or are you allowing life to choose it for you? Are you a door mat for others? Do you feel personally responsible for events that happen? Well, I’m here to say you’re not! Quit Taking It Personally and allow others to take responsibility for their own actions. Take charge of your own life by taking charge of your thoughts.

With over 60,000 thoughts running through your mind every day, are most of them empowering you or dis-empowering you? Are you stuck in victim mode? How is that showing up in your life? Food for thought, isn’t it!

Take Action…

So, how can you use this? One tip that Patricia mentioned was to carry a Q-Tip to remind yourself not to things so personally. Can you imagine taking a cup of Q-Tips into work tomorrow and every time someone came to you with their personal drama story you handed them a Q-Tip? Would that get their attention! Could you encourage a shift in perception? Would that empower people to look at experiences differently?

How about in your personal life? Can you envision ways you could take back your own personal power and encourage your family to do the same? Again, would it create the space for a new outlook?

Remember, the only one you can change is yourself. But you can certainly stand in an empowering space that encourages others to step up into that same space. Expect better outcomes and those shifts may occur. If not, Quit Taking It Personally and keep moving forward in your journey of personal growth. I know you have the desire and belief to do it.

Why do people accept the opinions of others about themselves as truth?
Who is going to live the rest of your life anyway?
Doug Firebaugh

Author's Bio: 

Val Wilcox is a Speaker, Author and Life Coach who specializes in Empowering Your Life’s Dreams. She will support you in navigating the transitions of Life’s interesting challenges. Success has many faces and looks different to each and every one of us. Discovering your Life Passions unlocks the key to a better life.

With more than 10 years of experience in Leadership Development Training, Val brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to her coaching.

Val's newest EBook, Change Your Mindset ... Change Your Life is available through her website: http://www.valwilcox.com