Now, given all its negative and harmful effects, is it possible to get rid of chronic stress completely and prevent it from ever returning?
YES, it is possible! With an effective, scientifically-proven stress elimination program it is absolutely possible for you to live a life completely free of persistent stress.
If stress is making you sick and unhappy, disrupting your life and preventing you from getting ahead then completing such a program is a must for YOU.
And although the tools, techniques and practices of such a program should be scientifically-proven, in my view for any stress elimination program to be highly effective it should also provide you with an insight into chronic stress from different perspectives. Gaining an insight into stress from various perspectives is important because it deepens your understanding and knowledge of the condition. And equally important it shows you ‘why’ and ‘how’ the various tools, techniques and practices used to control and eliminate persistent stress work. A deeper insight and greater knowledge and understanding of chronic stress makes it more probable too that this knowledge will be applied through utilizing and implementing the various tools, techniques and practices.
So what are these perspectives?
Firstly, any highly-effective stress-elimination program should provide you with an insight into chronic stress from a clinical perspective. And what better way to do so than by enabling you to learn about this very destructive condition through the eyes of a very busy emergency room doctor who treats patients suffering from various stress-related illnesses. The narration of the experiences of such a doctor on one of his shifts for example provides you with a perspective of chronic stress you will never personally experience of course (that is unless you are an emergency room doctor yourself). Such a story should place you in the mind of the doctor, revealing to you his thoughts about his stress-filled patients and their conditions as he goes about treating them. But not only this. By being in the mind of the doctor his intimate thoughts pertaining to the control of his own stress in the high-stress emergency room should also be revealed to you. Your chances of eliminating persistent stress from your life are enhanced by getting into the mind of such a doctor and learning from his experiences.
Secondly, for any stress elimination program to be highly effective it should take you on a journey through the brain and body to see what transpires here when you experience stress. This journey should give you a vivid description of the important chemical and neurological processes which take place during the stress response. During this time you should get to know what a stressor is, including the most common one (which surprises most people when they are told about it). And you should also find out why you may become frozen stiff or either put up good fight or run like crazy when you feel threatened. This journey should also reveal to you what keeps you in your growth-inhibiting comfort zone and what you should do to get out of it. Such a journey is imperative for anyone serious about eliminating chronic stress from his or her life.
Now on to the third perspective of chronic stress which encompasses the various emotional and physical illnesses or disorders caused by this affliction. Learning about these disorders, their symptoms and treatment and whether their future outcome or prognosis is good or bad also contributes to increasing your insight and knowledge of persistent stress. The emotional disorders of anxiety and depression have previously been mentioned and gaining more in-depth information on these all-too-common and debilitating conditions is an important aspect of your attainment of greater insight and knowledge of persistent stress. And of course so too is more in-depth information on the devastating stress-related physical illnesses such as strokes and heart attacks which are the leading causes of death and disability across the world. If you are serious about eliminating chronic stress from your life then it is imperative that you know about these illnesses and their consequences.

So that’s it. Once you have gained this greater insight into and knowledge of this highly-destructive phenomenon known as chronic stress you should ready and willing to implement and utilize the scientifically-proven tools, techniques and practices which will help you to completely eradicate persistent stress from your life. Discussing these various cutting edge and highly effective tools, techniques and practices is of course beyond the scope of this article. However, you can find this information, including a discussion on the various perspectives described above, in the stress elimination program “Goodbye Stress – How to Live a Stress-free Life” Get this program and experience what many people have not - a life free of chronic stress!

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Faiez Kirsten is a medical doctor with extensive experience in various aspects of the healthcare environment and has also worked and consulted in the corporate arena. Faiez has published 3 books & an e-Report on the subconscious mind and is also the creator of 360 on-line leadership assessment. His special interest is in the application of brain research findings to enhance health, wellness and performance at both an individual and organizational level. His website is at