I recently had this powerful and enlightening conversation with my husband about all human beings, creatures and natural things aspiring to grow and become “better.” The ever-pragmatist that I am – replied – No. Not all things want to grow –nor do all living things aspire to improve.
We debated for several hours. He felt that even those who do not demonstrate the desire to grow, still harbor it. Blocked – they are blocked by memory, fear, trauma or even defeat of constant rejection.
I admitted that he raised excellent points. Even the brain and mind science I am learning, points to what he believes. Still, I argued that a tree might not want to grow to be higher than it was ever meant to be. The black swan floating past us may only have ever known the love and desire for sunshine and comfort of food. She may NOT be looking toward the future. She may not believe herself to be a better swan if she just swims faster in order to have a better life. No, some things and some people are just where they are and where they want to be – and will always be there.
So after we arrived at this stalemate, it occurred to me that there is a continuum. It is this place where any of us can be – from here I am – to satisfaction – to wanting to grow more.

Where are you on this continuum of being?
1. Are you at status quo – is that ok for you?
2. Do you have some sense of when or how you will find satisfaction?
3. What is growth to you?
4. How will you know when you have grown and does it ever need to stop?
For me – satisfaction is actually something I strive for. I am always trying to grow – to be more – learn more – serve more. In this place, I often lose sight of satisfaction. Just being does not work for me either – I cannot make a difference in the world with just being. Still, if I set some goals and I can make those goals, maybe I can find more satisfaction. For me the continuum of being moves like a suspension bridge. Who is on it and how much pressure enforced, changes how much the bridge sways. Today I make an effort to place pressure only at certain junctures, so I can enjoy the satisfaction of my efforts but eventually move to making better impact and improve the world around me.

What does the continuum of being look like for you and where will you be on it today?

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Jessi LaCosta is a thought-leader, and specialist who focuses on organizational effectiveness through Brand Leadership as the core method for achieving results. This includes approaches such as visioning, coaching, facilitation, training, strategic planning, conflict resolution and strategic communications.

She is a dynamic coach and strategist with more than 15 years experience in reputation management, brand development and organizational communication. Her firm serves professionals, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations on a national basis. LaCosta's vision is to use brain science, mindfulness and branding to transform the way that leadership is developed and sustained.

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