In the January issue of Oprah Magazine, Dr Oz wrote an article where he outlined a 28 day plan to help people do a mind, body and soul makeover.

Weight loss community and online nutrition resource,, are big fans of Dr. Oz because he takes a very broad view of health, and explores issues and ideas that most mainstream health figures will not touch.

Dr. Oz has also been a long time friend and advocate of the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who has had a strong influence on content and guidance we have developed. As a result of all this, we like to pay very close attention to what he is saying.

Dr. Oz touched upon one of the most effective things for anyone looking to do a "makeover." He observed that "it's so easy to mindlessly munch" but that "people who track what they eat can lose twice as much weight as those who don't."

This observation is what PEERtrainer was based upon when the company was founded in 2005 -- that people generally know what to do, but needed help following through. It was also confirmed by community member actions: When members logged their food on the website and had some support from a structured group of people, it helped them overcome the very common habit of mindless eating.

It can also be said from this observation that people who log their food on the website and are active in groups and teams overwhelmingly lose weight. People find that when they log in each day, it helps to change how they think. They start to go through their day and when they encounter a decision, they say to themselves "I will need to log this." This changes behavior.

In fact Dr. Oz specifically mentioned PEERtrainer, and how it can help you "boost your drive and find support when you need it."

Of course there are many additional features to the site over the years aside from the motivation, support and inspiration members get to help them with the very broad battle of getting into shape. One recent example has been the development of the ‘Cheat System’, which is a free weight loss program that helps people make healthy eating choices in an easy and forgivable manner.

Bottom line: If you are one of those people who finds that your mind wanders and you need some focus, please join this team and see if you find it easier to lose weight.

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Jackie Wicks is the founder of the groundbreaking health and weight loss community, which was recognized by US News And World Report as one of the best sites to stay on a diet and lose weight in June, 2011. She is regularly quoted in the press as a healthy lifestyle expert in publications such as ABC News, Wall Street Journal Radio and hundreds of other national media outlets. Ms. Wicks is also the author of the innovative PEERtrainer Cheat System: A Simple Guide To Healthy And Long Term Weight Loss. For more information or to sign up for PEERtrainer's Free Daily Weight Loss Support Program and Tip of the Day, please visit or follow us on Twitter @PEERtrainer or @JackieWicks.