Good customer service means pulling out all the stops to make your customers happy. The quality of customer service holds the key to retaining existing customers and bringing in new ones. Inbound call centre services are a great place to start with. That is a key point of contact for the brand to build happy, fruitful relationships with customers.

A high performing call centre service can provide excellent customer service through flawless and efficient inbound call centre services.

The elements that make a high performing call centre

Performance Metrics: Call centres’ performance must be monitored through measurable performance metrics. Cost, productivity and service metrics can help measure the call centre effectively. Identifying positives, negatives and performance gaps; taking corrective action and goal setting for the teams and individual customer support agents are key steps to make sure that the call centre services is on the right track. These metrics have to be improved constantly for improved performance.

Trained, experienced agents: Hiring the right kind of people for the job is as important here as it is anywhere else. People with an attitude to help are the right fit. A customer-oriented approach is necessary. They have to be trained to arm them with the necessary skills to conduct an effective customer interaction. This will also help them familiarize with the systems and understand the product or service that the brand offers. And in-depth knowledge of products and services is essential in order to deliver well-informed, swift and confident assistance to the customers. Agent metrics such occupancy rate, turnover rate, absenteeism, schedule adherence rate, training hours, etc. can measure their effectiveness.

Technology: Technology plays a huge role in making customer experiences at the call centre service seamless and pleasant. If agents are toggling between systems to fetch customer data, and information on products/services, their productivity and the call are being affected. Implementing integrated software and automating the systems can boost productivity and empower the agents to provide excellent customer service.

Multichannel compliant: Offer services through multiple channels. Today businesses need to be where the customers are. And today’s customers are digitally advanced. They are on various channels such as social media, messaging services, websites, phone, live chat, etc. connect with the customer through these channels to improve conversion rates.

Equipment: Utilize the best call centre service equipment. From computer systems to earphones, pay attention to the quality of equipment used to deliver the best customer service experiences.

Healthy work environment: Scheduled work hours, scheduled breaks, employee rewarding systems, etc. can ensure a productive work environment.

Customer feedback: Elicit feedback. And respond positively. Use customer feedback to analyse positives and negatives. Work to bridge the gap to ensure the call centre service is delivering what the customer needs. Negative feedback is a learning opportunity too. Responding to customer complaints promptly will also go to show that you care about what your customers say. It will help improve the customer experience at your inbound call centre services. Phykon is always for you regarding good customer service and inbound call centre services.

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