Most women dive into wedding planning the very next day of being engaged; well, it is a good idea because the wedding isn’t just about the “I do.” The wedding takes meticulous planning right from selecting the right venue, right wedding dress, right bridesmaid and groomsmen clothes to choosing the wedding bands for couples and much more. The planning can become hectic, if not started at least a year ago.

Well, let’s not panic already; give us a chance to help you out in sorting the wedding band because your wedding planner will handle the rest boxes on your wedding checklist.

We understand it is vital for you to find the wedding bands that you and your partner will love and cherish for years to come. So, we have created this fantastic guide that showcases the top factors you should consider before buying wedding bands.

1- Create A Budget:

Budgeting is essential because, with the wedding on the way, you might have tons of different expenses. In the United States, on average, couples spend 3 percent of their wedding budget on their wedding or engagement rings. Make sure these three percent covers every factor, i.e., karat size, metal type, and engravings, etc.

2- Shop Early:

Buying the wedding band is an important event in your life, so avoid the rushing. Give yourselves at least 3 to 4 months for the wedding rings shopping. Through this, you can have enough time to narrow down your choices, visit many stores, try a variety of rings, and ultimately make the right decision. For custom rings or to add engravings and imprints, we suggest you start at least six months prior.

3- Keep Your Lifestyle In Mind:

The wedding rings get worn 24/7 for the lifetime, choose styles and metals that are sturdy and can fit seamlessly with your lifestyle. Even though you can update your wedding band with the anniversary bands in the future, but it is important to understand that the ring should not hinder your daily task. You might end up removing your ring multiple times a day just to finish a task.

4- Complement, Match, Or Be Different:

You and your partner are in the right place to decide if the wedding bands should complement, match, or be different. If you prefer to complement, then play with style and metal types. If you choose to match, select a metal, design, and style that compliment both masculine and feminine sides. If you prefer being different, then pick something that you both like.

5- Right Size Matters:

To get the right size, make sure to attend the final sizing appointment after morning hours or when your body temperature is normal. Your fingers can swell throughout the day for many reasons. So, get the sizing help form your jeweller and ask whether the chosen design can get resized if needed down the line.

Bottom Line

Wedding band shopping can turn out to be a memorable moment because this might your very first shopping as fiancés. So, ensure to connect with a reliable jeweller and select the unique matching wedding bands or bands as you both desire by keeping these simple factors in your mind.

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